Sooyeon Lee

Sooyeon Lee 

Ph.D. candidate
Email: sul131(at)
Address: Room 315, IST Building, Penn State University
State College, PA, 16801



I am currently a fifth year Ph.D. student in a department of Information Sciences and Technology at Pennsylvania State University. I received my B.S. in Information Sciences and Technology from Pennsylvania State University. Advised by Professor John M. Carroll and I am working at Laboratory for Computer Supported Collaboration and Learning. My research interests include accessibility, interactive design, and community informatics in the area of Human Computer Interaction

Work Experience

  • UX Design Researcher Intern at Uber Inc. San Francisco, CA. Jun. 2017 - Aug. 2017

    • Conducted UX design researches for building a foundation for accessibility design and development for Uber services and products

    • Identified and analyzed accessibility issues, challenges, and needs for the Uber users with different types of disabilities

    • Designed and conducted UX researches for developing accessibility for deaf/hard of hearing users

  • CSCL Lab, IST, at Penn State, University Park, PA. Sept. 2014 - Present

    • Research Assistant – Advisor/Professor John M. Carroll

    • See below research projects.

  • Quality Assurance Analyst at Minitab Inc., State College, PA. June 2008 – Aug 2014

    • Developed test plan and strategies for new and enhanced features and functionality

    • Assisted UX designers in designing new feature/functionality and developing specification

    • Performed graphics/GUI and localization testing

    • Developed unit testing using C# and Python in agile software development environment

  • Minitab Inc., State College, PA. Jan. 2008 – May 2008

    • Associate Quality Assurance Analyst - Intern

  • IST, at Penn State, University Park, PA. Fall 2007-2009

    • Research Assistant – Trading Agent Competition – Adviser/Professor Tracy Mullen

  • Quantitative Social Science Initiative Lab – Penn State, University Park, PA. Summer 2007

    • Research Assistant

Research Project

  • Visual Cortext on Silicon project, an NSF Expedition in Computing: I am investigating a feasibility of smart camera prosthetic devices that assist people with visual impairments for their grocery shopping.

    • Lead and manage all accessibility research projects, including coordinating between the development and design teams.

    • Designing multi-modality interactive user interface for developing visual prosthetics interactions for people with visual impairments.

    • Designing and developing interface prototypes and evaluating them with conducting iterative UX researches including experimental lab studies and mixed research methods.

    • Collaborating with the local people with visual impairments and with an industry partner.

    • Penn State uses machine vision to give the blind a ‘Third Eye’: LiveBIG 2016-17

  • Community Informatics Projects: I worked on developing and designing mobile technology system and studying an impact of the mobile systems on local community building support.

    • Context aware recommendation based ride sharing and delivery services exchange

      • Worked on designing user interaction of smartphone application

      • Collaborated with researchers at PARC and CMU

    • Timebanking and community volunteering project

      • Worked on investigating and designing integrated timebanking and volunteering system

      • Development of survey design

      • Collaborated with researchers at PARC and CMU

    • Community nonprofit programs and events supporting project


  • Three papers submitted as a first author to The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems 2019(under review).

  • Sooyeon Lee, Jordan Beck, Xiying Wang, Mary Beth Rosson, John M. Carrol. “Remote Human Assistant Technology: Classroom Learning Accessibility for Children with Visual Impairment”. Position paper for CHI 2018 workshop on “Inclusive Educational Tehcnologies: Emerging Opportunities for People with Visual Impairments”.

  • Sooyeon Lee, Chien Wen Yuan, Benjamin V. Hanrahan, Mary Beth Rosson, John M. Carroll. “Reaching Out: Investigating Different Modalities to Help People with Visual Impairments Acquire Items”. ASSETS ’17 Proceedings of the 19th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility Pages 389-390.

  • Chien Wen Yuan, Benjamin V. Hanrahan, Sooyeon Lee, Mary Beth Rosson, John M. Carroll. “I Didn’t Know that You Knew I Knew: Collaborative Shopping Practices between People with Visual Impairment and People with Vision”. CSCW 2018.

  • Yuan, Chien Wen, Benjamin V. Hanrahan, Sooyeon Lee, Mary Beth Rosson, and John M. Carroll. “Constructing a holistic view of shopping with people with visual impairment: a participatory design approach.” Universal Access in the Information Society (2017): 1-14.

  • Peter A. Zientara, Sooyeon Lee, Rorry Brenner, Henry Smith, Laurent Itti, Mary Beth Rosson, John M. Carroll, Kevin M. Irick, Vijaykrishnan Narayanan
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