Recent Papers:

Xun Cao: "An Interest Groups and Partisan Politics Model for Renewable Energies." pdf.

Xun Cao and Neslihan Burcin Tamer: "Foreign Aid and the Environment: Still A Curse?" pdf.


Xun Cao and Hugh Ward: "State Capacity, Time Horizons, and Regime Types: A 'Supply-Side'
Account of Environmental Performance." Forthcoming, International Studies Quarterly. pdf.

Hugh Ward, Xun Cao, and Bumba Mukherjee: "State Capacity and the Environmental Investment Gap in Authoritarian States." Forthcoming, Comparative Political Studies. pdf.

Xun Cao and Michael D. Ward: "Do Democracies Attract Investment?" Forthcoming, International Interactions. pdf.

Xun Cao, Brian Greenhill, and Aseem Prakash: "Where is the Tipping Point? Bilateral Trade and the Diffusion of Human Rights." British Journal of Political Science, January 2013. pdf. Data and R code.

Christian Breunig, Xun Cao, and Adam Luedtke: "Global Migration and Political Regime Type: A Democratic Disadvantage." British Journal of Political Science, October 2012. pdf. Data, R code to run MCMC.

Hugh Ward and Xun Cao: "Domestic and International Influences on Green Taxation." Comparative Political Studies, September 2012. pdf.

Xun Cao: "Global Networks and Domestic Policy Convergence: A Network Explanation of Policy Changes." World Politics, July 2012. pdf.

Xun Cao and Aseem Prakash: "Trade Competition and Environmental Regulations: Domestic Political Constraints and Issue Visibility." Journal of Politics, January 2012. pdf. R code and Data for replication.

Xun Cao and Aseem Prakash: "Growing Exports by Signaling Product Quality." Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, January 2011. pdf.

Xun Cao: "Networks as Channels of Policy Diffusion: Explaining Worldwide Changes in Capital Taxation, 1998-2006." International Studies Quarterly, September 2010. pdf.
R code and Data for replication.

Xun Cao and Aseem Prakash: "Trade Competition and Domestic Pollution: A Panel Study, 1980-2003." International Organization, July 2010. pdf.  Data and R code for replication.

Xun Cao: "Networks of Intergovernmental Organizations and Convergence in Domestic Economic Policies." International Studies Quarterly, December 2009. pdf. Data and R code (zipped) for replication.

Xun Cao: "Domestic Economic Policies, Political Institutions, and Transnational Portfolio Investments." Business and Politics, April 2009. pdf.

Kristin Bakke, Xun Cao, John O'Loughlin, and Michael Ward: "Social Distance in Bosnia and the North Caucasus Region of Russia." Nations and Nationalism, April 2009. pdf.

Michael Ward, Randolph Siverson, and Xun Cao: "Disputes, Democracies, and Dependencies." American Journal of Political Science, July 2007. pdf.

Xun Cao, Aseem Prakash, and Michael Ward: "Protecting Jobs in the Age of Globalization." International Studies Quarterly, June 2007. pdf. Data. R code.

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