MSRMaps (formerly Terraserver) Park Guide

Most of the United States is now covered by digitized and normalized aerial photographs prepared by the United States Geological Survey. One convenient entry point is the MSRMaps Homepage.

Here is a list of parks which have been located in this database. This is not a complete listing, but is heavily biased towards parks with wooden coasters. Wooden coasters tend to be more visible than steel coasters in these images.

These black and white images have largely been superseded by often higher-resolution color satellite images available through Google Earth and Microsoft's Bing. Links to park images maintained by these servers can be found in the Roller Coaster Data Base.

Additional historical aerial photographs for many regions are available from Historic Aerials.

Parks marked 'defunct' were not operating at time of aerial photography. Several additional parks have since closed.

I welcome corrections and additions. Comments may be sent to Victor Canfield

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