Teaching Philosophy

Architecture is a field in constant change due to technological advancements where we, as designers, never stop learning. Therefore, my main goal as a teacher is for students to become self-learners to develop into curious and proactive professionals in whichever area they choose. To this end, I teach my courses so that students become the main protagonists of their learning process. This is achieved through pedagogical approaches such as flipped classroom approaches, active learning strategies, and project-based learning. When teaching parametric design in workshops, for instance, I like to instruct students to watch video tutorials that I prepare and share online. Then we use the in-person time to develop assignments applying the concepts they learned with the tutorials.

On the other hand, this year has brought unprecedented challenges to educators all around the globe. The current pandemic context motivated me to rethink ways of helping students learn better while keeping motivated. I am convinced that there are two simple traits to good online teaching: building a strong connection to students and creating a dynamic learning environment. The first can be achieved by establishing multiple channels of communications such as discussion forums, chat platforms, and blog channels, aside from the more traditional synchronous videoconference sessions. To create a dynamic learning environment, I like to combine a variety of assignment types and activities such as creating blog posts, videos, and graphic deliverables complementing the more traditional assignment types. Overall, the experience of teaching and learning remotely has taught me the value of creating a positive learning environment through a variety of digital tools.