Travis Morrison

I am a sixth year graduate student at Penn State University, expecting to graduate in May 2018. My advisor is Kirsten Eisenträger. I am interested in number theoretic questions of decidability and definability, and in algorithmic number theory with applications to cryptography.


Publications and Preprints
  • Cycles in the supersingular isogeny graph and corresponding endomorphisms. With Efrat Bank, Catalina Camacho-Navarro, Kirsten Eisenträger, and Jennifer Park. Submitted for publication, 2018.

  • Diophantine definability of nonnorms of cyclic extensions of global fields. Submitted for publication, 2017.

  • Supersingular isogeny graphs and endomorphism rings: reductions and solutions. With Kirsten Eisenträger, Sean Hallgren, Kristin Lauter, and Christophe Petit. Accepted for publication in EUROCRYPT 2018.

  • Universally and existentially definable subsets of global fields. With Kirsten Eisenträger. Accepted for publication, 2017.

  • Teaching
    I am teaching Math 231, Calculus of several variables. Please see the canvas page for materials related to the course.