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Current Students:


 Bahman Sheikh

Bahman Sheikh, Ph.D. candidate (expected May, 2020)

Advisor: Dr. Tong Qiu

Research Topic: Numerical Studies on Landslide Mobility



 Sudheer Prabhu

Sudheer Prabhu, Ph.D. student (expected December, 2020)

Advisor: Dr. Tong Qiu

Research Topic: Mechanical Behavior of Sands under Impact Loading




Kun Zeng, Ph.D. student (expected December, 2020)

Co-advisors: Dr. Hai Huang and Dr. Tong Qiu

Research Topic: Discrete Element Modeling of Non-Spherical Granular Flow



 Yanan Li

Yanan Li, Ph.D. student (expected December, 2021)

Advisor: Dr. Tong Qiu

Research Topic: Numerical Analysis and Field Monitoring of a Tunnel in Soft Ground




Te Pei, Ph.D. student (expected December, 2021)

Advisor: Dr. Tong Qiu

Research Topic: Landslide Detection and Prediction using AI


 Saharnaz Nazarii

Saharnaz Nazarii, Ph.D. student (expected May, 2022)

Co-advisors: Dr. Hai Huang and Dr. Tong Qiu

Research Topic: Detection of Ballast Fouling using Big Data


  Former Students:


  Zilong Li (2019), M.S.
  Co-advised with Dr. Xiaofeng Liu

  Thesis: Dynamics of Coupled Flow-Object-Sediment Systems with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Simulations   

  Amir Ahmadipur (2018), Ph.D.
  Dissertation: Experimental and Analytical Investigation of Impact Force from a Dry Granular Sliding Mass on a Rigid Obstruction    

  Shushu Liu (2018), Ph.D.

  Co-advised with Dr. Hai Huang
Dissertation: Sensing Mechanism and Real Time (SMART) Computing for Granular Materials

Tae Kwang Yoo, (2018), Ph.D.
Co-advised with Dr. Victor Sparrow
Dissertation: Numerical and Analysis Investigations of Anti-Ram Barriers under Vehicular Impact

Mahsa Khosrojerdi (2018), Ph.D.
Co-advised with Dr. Ming Xiao
Dissertation: Service Limit State Design and Analysis of Engineered Fills for Bridge Support

Elnaz Kermani (2018), Ph.D.
Dissertation: Simulations of Granular Column Collapse using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics and Discrete Element Methods

Lynsey Reese (2016), Ph.D.
Dissertation: Experimental Testing and Numerical Modeling of Geomaterials Interacting with Rigid Bodies under Impact Loading

Pezhouhan Tavassoti Kheiry (2016), Ph.D.
Co-advised with Dr. Mansour Solaimanian

  Dissertation: Non-Destructive Characterization of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures through Resonant Column Testing

  Yanbo Huang (2014), Ph.D.

  Dissertation: Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Effective Density and Pore Fluid Induced Damping in Saturated Granular Materials

  Wei Chen (2012)
, Ph.D.

  Dissertation: Numerical Studies of Seismically Induced Slope Deformation using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method

  Keith Doyle (2015), M.S.
  Co-advised with Dr. Aleksandra Radlinska

  Thesis: Material Properties of Crushable Concrete for Use in Vehicle Anti-Ram Barriers

  Chaoyi Wang (2015), M.S.

  Thesis: Effect of Hydraulic Plate Compactor and Lift Thickness on Utility Trench Backfill Compaction

  Dong Liu (2012), M.Eng.

  Muni Kumar Polunati (2009), M.Eng.



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Phone: 814-863-7485