Whitehill Scrapbook 2010
Florence - April 5 - 8
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Florence was Tim's favorite city. If we were to move to Italy, we would look around Florence. The signifigance of this city to European history is astounding.

It has the feel of an art community. There's a leather market with dozens of outdoor vendors selling clothing articles at really decent prices. Tim bought a leather belt that melted like butter in his hands; softest belt ever.

We sat one night at a local bar and had a drink. They brought us out black olives to go along with our drinks.Not normally fans of black olive, we tried them anyway. They were delicious and went really well with our drinks.
    Our hotel room was the coolest room we've ever had. It was in actual medieval castle built in the 1200's. It's one of those times it's lucky to have a name at the end of the alphabet. When it came time to assign us to a room, they had to give us an upgrade because they were out of the other rooms. It was an original room from the castle and on the ceiling over the bed, there were still the remains of frescoes. The windows actually had steps built out of stone in the wall so that you could open and close them.

     The hotel also had a tower. On the picture bottom right is looking down the steps to the tower. At the top was a unique view of Florence. Both the Duomo and the Uffuzi seemed very close.
There are no ghosts in Florence.

Everywhere we travel ,Tim buys books on local ghosts. Not that we believe in ghosts but as an interest in local stories and legends and every place has ghosts stories. Except Florence.  Every other place we stopped in Italy we found books on local ghosts but not Florence. When we asked at a bookstore run by an American ex-pat, he didn't have any and didn't know of any. He asked one of his usual customers and she didn't know of any and said, "Florence has no secrets."... I'm not sure what secrets have to do with ghosts and I find it hard the believe that the city of the Medici's has no secrets.

Simone, a local art historian and our guide through the Uffuzi did give us a lead on a book with some ghosts stories in it.
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