Welcome to Henrietta's Dominion, a fan page devoted solely to the great Hungarian gymnast Henrietta Onodi. I started this page because there was a severe lack of material related to Henrietta, my very favorite gymnast, on the world wide web. Thus this page was born to rectify the situation. This site is never finished, and any contribution is greatly appreciated. I am looking forward to hear from you.

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Who is Henrietta Onodi?

Henrietta Onodi, nicknamed "Henni", is a former World and Olympic Champion on vault, perhaps the best gymnast to ever come out of the country of Hungary, and she is simply one of the most graceful gymnasts in the international elite level.

Henni's Story: a Tribute

1992 Olympic Games:
Right after her gold-medal-winning performance on vault.


Biography and Competition Results

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Photo Album

'89 and '91 World Championships - Chunichi Cups - American Cups - Barcelona Olympics -
with Colorado Aerials - '95 World University Games - Atlanta Olympics - autographs

Video Album

The Onodi Files

A database of everything Henrietta
Part One: Skills, Routines, and Competitions
page 2: Henrietta's Routines
page 3: Henrietta's Scores
Part Two: Henni Personally - More bio info; stories and anecdotes
Part Three: Hungarian Gymnastics
page 2: Team Hungary Rosters

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1996 Olympic Games

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1990 American Cup
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1990 Tokyo Cup
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