Blog Entry 7: Making Visible

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Pigeon:  "It's 6 a.m.  I am hungry.  A friend of mine should be here soon to feed me.  He's been coming here for years.  He seems rather lonely. I think I will just sit here on this old wooden park bench and wait awhile.  I hope he brings me and my friends some of that stale bread from his kitchen.  It's the best! I usually try to get here early so that the blue jays and black birds don't take it all.  Ah, this old park bench.  It's been through a lot. Sometimes my bird buddies fly over and leave their mark from up above.  Hey, there's my friend! He's coming down the sidewalk now with is cane in hand. I can see that plastic bag full of breakfast!"

Elderly Man:  "It's 7 a.m.  My body just doesn't work like it used to.  I had trouble sleeping again last night. I thought about her a lot.  Seems like just yesterday we'd come here and sit on that old park bench and feed the birds.  Speaking of that park bench, my knees hurt and I need to sit down.  Ahh, that feels better giving these old bones a rest. I remember when this was all trees back when I was a kid.  It's amazing how much has changed in the last 75 years.  The world seems so fast now.  Or maybe it is just me slowing down.  Either way I still enjoy coming here.  I don't know what I would do if I had no place to sit and rest awhile.  The Dr. says I need to take a walk everyday, but I sometimes just need to rest a bit before heading back home.  Here little birdie, have some of this. Sorry I was a little late.  Do you mind sharing this bench with me?"

Young Mother:  "It's 10 a.m.  My 4 year old keeps me busy, but I wouldn't change it for anything.  I am glad my husband has a good job and can provide enough for us that I am able to stay home and raise our child.  I have been bringing him to our little park since he was 2.  He loves it. I don't know what I will feel when he is in school next year.  I wonder if this old park bench will miss us?  After all, we sit her several days a week.  We read books, eat a snack and sing songs while sitting on this bench.  It's become a part of our routine. Well I suppose he wants to go play on the slide.  I don't think he'll mind if I sit here and watch."

Grounds Crew:  "It's 12 noon and time for lunch.  I have been taking care of this old park for the last 10 years.  I started off just mowing the grass, but since that gazebo was put in several years ago and the kid's play area last year, we've had to hire new help to trim the bushes, plant the flowers, rake the leaves and maintain the play area to make sure it's safe for the children.  Hey, what do you know?  Lunch time already?  I think I'll just take a rest here on this bench. I wonder what the wife packed me today?  I am a big guy.  Sometimes I am afraid this bench won't hold me.  One time I got a splinter from it.  I wonder if that is its way of telling me to find another place to sit.  Ha! Peanut Butter and Jelly!  My wife does love me!  Well, I better get back to work.  After all I still got to pull those weeds around the sidewalk before school lets out and this place is covered with teenagers.  See you in a few days Mr. Bench."

Teenagers:  "It's 3 p.m.   Every day I walk her home. Today I think I'll take her through the park.  She is supposed to meet me here soon. I may as well just sit here on this old bench and wait. I am hoping to ask her to the dance.  She's my best friend.  We'll be off to college next year.  Sometimes we sit her on this bench and talk about our future.  What will be like when we graduate?  What will our careers be like? I remember when we were in 1st grade together and we used to have recess over at the swing set.  It was an older set of swings that was here when our parents attended school here across the street.  Look how nice that slide is!  Too bad I am too big to fit down that slide. Anyway, here she comes now......wish me luck."

Child"It's 5 p.m.  I am 8 years old.  Playtime at the park! The only problem is I am stuck here on this stupid old bench for the next 10 minutes.  It wasn't even my fault.  My sister tripped me first.  Dad just didn't see it. Dad told me to be nice to girls, but she tripped me FIRST!  I always get caught and have to sit in time out.  I guess it is better than standing in time out, or leaning on that tree in time out, or sitting on the ground in time out.  Dad says I have to sit here to think about what I did wrong.  We come here just about every day after he gets home from work.  He's a good dad. The only problem is that my yucky sister has to come too.  Look at her over there smiling at me and Dad doesn't even see it.  Hey! Did you see that?  She just stuck her tongue out at me!  If only this bench could talk it could tell Dad all about it.  Oh well."

Newly Weds:  "It's 7 p.m.  We try to take a walk just about every night.  We sometimes stop at the local convenience store and grab a quick fountain drink with 2 straws and a snack sit here on this bench and share it and talk about out work day.  We like to come to this park because we got married in that gazebo over there.  It was built about 5 years ago, but we were told we were the first to ever get married in it last summer.  Remember that Dear?  We had a blast with our family and friends.  Wasn't it your Uncle Larry that fell asleep on this bench after the Chicken Dance?  I think we got some good pictures of him.  Seems like just yesterday we were in that gazebo dancing the night away.  Wow how time flies.  Well, it's getting dark and we still got do the dishes and take out the trash.  We better get going.  We'll be back tomorrow. Do you want the rest of this popcorn or should I leave it for the birds?"

Pigeon:  It's 8 p.m.  Hey, it's me again.  Sometimes I come back here in the evening to see if I can find some dinner.  Hey! Popcorn....perfect!  See you in the morning old bench. Save a spot for the older gentleman.

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Blog Entry 7: Making Visible
Pigeon: "It's 6 a.m. I am hungry. A friend of mine should be here soon to feed me. He's…