Our 20th Reunion was held at Celebration Hall in State College, PA on July 22, 2000 and a great time was had by all. The commitee has been getting lots of "thank you" emails which we really appreciate. Thank you.
Photos were donated by the following people. Enjoy!!!
Sue Kelleher
Sanday Murray
Joe and Linda Russell
Lisa Catalano Gardner
Tim Catalano
Please be patient!!! Photos will be available soon.
One particularly funny story from Friday night.
Many new faces showed up at Michaels and it was nice to see people some of us haven't seen since graduation. John Henszey was the "mystery" guest of the evening. Poor John sat at the bar for more than a half hour before anyone recognized him. As soon as Sue Kelleher went to talk to him, people realized that he was "one of us" and were trying to figure out who she was talking to. One by one, each person went up to John saying "should I know you?" It was really quite funny. At graduation, John stood 5'2" tall but now he's 6'0".
Classmates who attended Friday's informal gathering at Michael's in Zion.
A funny story from Saturday night.
We had many gifts donated from local businesses for our Chinese raffle. We sold tickets that classmates would put in boxes that were beside the gifts that were being raffled. Dana Miller was the lucky winner of the two-pack of WD-40. We won't elaborate anymore, but we're sure you can figure out the funny comments that were made. Dana is back in Maryland now and we're sure she's putting it to good use.
Classmates who attended the Reunion at Celebration Hall.
Congratulations to Dianna Lucas Meckley for winning the 50/50 drawing.