Web Standards

Web Standards

This site is mainly a reflection of my current interest in web standards. Interest probably doesn't really accurately describe my "interest" in web standards. A word that more accurately describes my interest would be obsession. Web standards have rekindled my interest in web design. I haven't been this excited about the web since the mid 1990s.


browse happy

The good people of The Web Standards Project (WaSP) have recently launched their latest campaign, BrowseHappy. The goal of the campaign is too raise awareness that there are alternative browsers available today. Alternative browsers will block annoying popups, spyware, and viruses that are able to circumvent Internet Explorer's lax security.

I switched to a new browser late in 2003, when I once again gave the free version of Opera a try. I immediately became a fan of tabbed browsing, which allowed me to have several different web pages open in one browser. I also soon realized that I was no longer constantly closing popup windows.

A friend at Penn State then suggested I give Mozilla or Firefox a try. I installed both and now primarily use Firefox. Mozilla and Firefox also block popups and spyware.

Since I recently switched from the world of Windows XP to Apple's OS X I've had the opportunity to try Safari, the browser that comes bundled with OS X. Safari provides a very nice browsing experience.

More detailed information about each browser can be found at the BrowseHappy site or by following the links to each browsers site.



I have created a resource page that contains a list of links that I have found valuable while learning web standards.



I am responsible for a number of sites in my position as database administrator/webmaster for the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at Penn State. All sites utilize standards based design.

I also do pro bono work for animal rescue. The border collie rescue site has undergone a major revision using XHTML and CSS. The site is now being converted to PHP.