Mike Blanco's California Dreamin' Home Page

Laguna Beach at sunset - the place I wanna' and oughta' be;

but for now I'm at:

Penn State University
Email: mhb4@psu.edu

This home page is mainly for all my California (and Western) friends (I'm a native Los Angelino) who can't understand how I can live in central Pennsylvania without going crazy. For my California friends who wonder how I got here in the first place, well, let's just say that Penn State (I went to school here and I still work here) is a great university and that we all make mistakes in life. However, when Penn State plays UCLA, it's the Bruins all the way! Anyway, in Pennsylvania you can't go to Laguna Beach and go body surfing (sigh),

(artwork by Gini Underwood, Riverside, California)

but you can do some great trail biking (AKA "mountain biking" - for you central Pennsylvanians, no self-respecting Westerner could ever call, say, Mt. Nittany a real mountain).

Anyway, all you Californians, if you care to, take a look at how I survive outside the land of 24/7/365 sunshine.  (For those of you who don't have cable-modems, some of the pages below have lots of pictures, so expect some wait times of up to a minute or so - but, of course, I think the pictures are well worth the wait!)

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