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April-May 2003

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[see titles by Himelfarb, Schwartz, and Thomas listed under Archaeology]


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[see also title by Spector listed under France - Literature - Montesquieu; by Wulf under History of Education]


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[see title by Slayman under Germany - Literature - Goethe; by Erskine under Maritime History; also "Searching" under U.S. - Colonial & Federal History - Lewis & Clark]


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[see also title by Kiernan listed under Geography - Travel]


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[see also title by Jagodzinski listed under England - Literature; by Turnovsky under France - Literature - Rousseau]

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[see also title by Woolf listed under Historiography; by Froeschlé-Chopard and by Wagner listed under History of Religion - Christian - Roman Catholic]

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[see also titles by Bjelland, George, Jarvis, Kastan, Kliman, Knowles, Murphy, Walsh listed under England - Literature - Shakespeare]


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Web Resources

¥ D-LIB Magazine - online magazine of the Digital Library community, available:

§ The Journal of Digital Information, 3, 4 (March 2003) is a special issue on "E-education: Design and Evaluation for Teaching and Learning," edited by Monica Landoni & Paloma Diaz. The following titles are available online:


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Web Resources

¥ London's Past On-Line - incorporates 30,000 records, including all items in Heather Creaton's Bibliography of Printed Works on London History to 1939, Sources for the History of London, 1939-1945; and more, funded by the Institute of Historical Research and developed in collaboration with the Royal Historical Society Bibliography on British and Irish History, available: - searchable separately, or integrated with RHS data (including new records on recent publications):

[see also title by Rabin listed under History of Law]


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New Beckfordiana:

¥ Dick Claésson has added John Jefferson's long poem "Fonthill" (1824) to the gallery of online editions: available:

¥ "l'Esplendente," Beckford's unfinished and unpublished tale, availaible:

¥ New additions to the archive are listed at one convenient page:


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¥ Thumbprints Of "Ephelia" (Lady Mary Villiers): The End of an Enigma in Restoration Attribution - Maureen E. Mulvihill's online compendium of text, image, sound, with a Key to Female Poems ... by Ephelia (1679), (ReSoundings, 2, 3 [2001], available online:

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¥ History of Cartography Project - a research, editorial, and publishing venture drawing international attention to the history of maps and mapping. The Project's major work is the multi-volume History of Cartography series. It brings together interdisciplinary scholars in the arts, sciences, and humanities. By considering previously ignored aspects of cartographic history, the Project encourages a broader view of maps that has significantly influenced other fields of study --

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[see also title by Chi-Chiang Shei listed under Computers &c; by Monnier under France - Literature; by Paxman under Geography - Travel]

Web Resources

¥ A Corpus of late 18c English Prose: David Denison et al., Department of English and American Studies, University of Manchester, have released a new corpus of never-before transcribed letters written to Richard Orford, a steward at Lyme Hall in Cheshire, between 1761 and 1790, held in the John Rylands University Library of Manchester. These are unselfconscious practical letters, often by uneducated people, on matters of business, farming, mining, and social relations. The Corpus of late 18c Prose contains about 300,000 words, available free for ftp download as a single text file for electronic searching or as three linked HTML files for maximum readability. For details, sample transcriptions, and an access request form, please go to:


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Christianity - Protestant - Huguenot

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¥ Endeavour Botanical Illustrations - Cook's first voyage, on the HMS Endeavour (1768-1771), was the first devoted exclusively to scientific discovery. This site presents most of the botanical drawings and engravings prepared by artist Sydney Parkinson before his untimely death at sea, and by other artists back in England working from Parkinson's initial sketches. Avaialble:

[see also title by Doig listed under Bibliography; by Albertan and by Bhomik under Bibliography - Newspapers & Journals; by Bradbury under England - Literature; by Cook under France - Literature - Rousseau; by Barnes & Mitchell under Geography - Travel; by Baridon under Theory & Criticism]


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Web Resources:

¥ Russian History on the Web -- a critical guide to web resources relating to Russian history, available:


[see title by Komarova & Nikiforovskaia listed under England - Literature - Shakespeare]

Catherine the Great

[see also title by Karp listed under France-History-Diderot]



Web Resources

¥ Union Catalogue of the Correspondence of Sir Walter Scott, National Library of Scotland -- nearly 14,000 records--for over 7000 of Scott's own letters and approximately 6,500 letters written to him. The total number of Scott letters traced doubles the number printed in the 12-volume standard edition of his correspondence. Available:


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§ Cuadernos de Ilustración y Romanticismo (El Grupo de Estudios del Siglo XVIII de la Universidad de Cádiz), 9 (2001) -- La revista es de carácter interdisciplinar y publicamos trabajos referidos a literatura, historia, arte, pensamiento, etc. del periodo 1700-1850: Salvador García Castañeda, "La presencia de Cádiz en la obra de Telesforo de Trueba y Cosío, 1799-1835" (3-28); Emma Carrère-Lara, "La imagen desértica de Andalucía a través de los relatos de los viajeros románticos franceses: ¿mito o realidad?" (29-46); Salvador Crespo Matellán, "La parodia en el teatro de Ramón de la Cruz" (47-77); Gregorio C. Martín, " Querellas costumbristas: la mujer española a ambos lados del Atlántico" (79-87); Manuel Ravina Martín, "El mundo del libro en el Cádiz de la Ilustración" (89 -102); Montserrat Ribao Pereira, "Música y cantos en los dramas románticos españoles: pertinencia espectacular y funcionaridad semántica" (103-119); Borja Rodríguez Gutiérrez, "Cuentos morales en los periódicos dieciochescos" (121-134); Alberto Romero Ferrer, "Algunas notas sobre las ediciones de González del Castillo" (135-147) -- Ediciones y Traducciones -- José Contero Urgal, "Estudio de material poético perteneciente al periódico moderado gaditano El Tiempo, 1837-1840" (151-182); Beatriz Sánchez Hita y Daniel Muñoz Sempere, "Hablemos de par en par, de José Joaquín de Clararrosa: las reformas económicas de 1821 o la revolución frustrada" (183-197).



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Web Resources

¥ Newdigate Newsletters, Numbers 1 through 2100 (3 January 1673/4-11 June 1692). Transcribed and edited by Philip Hines, Jr., 1994. The first 2100 ms. newsletters in the Newdigate series. The whole collection has 3950 such letters, most of them addressed to Sir Richard Newdigate (d. 1710), Arbury, Warwickshire; they date from 13 January 1673/4 to 29 September 1715 and are now at the Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D. C. Letters in the present edition come up through 11 June 1692. Available:


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Web Resources

¥ The Avalon Project at Yale Law School, Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy - available:

¥ Constitution Society - an online resource of constitutional documents, federalist and anti-federalist arguments--not just the Hamilton, Madison, and Jay essays, but James Wilson, Samuel Bryan, Cato, the debates in the state conventions, & debates in the 1790s; available:

¥ The Louisiana Purchase: A Heritage Explored: a digital research collection commemorating the bicentennial of this momentous event. This project draws on materials from the Louisiana State University Library's Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections, the New Orleans City Archives and Louisiana Collection of the New Orleans Public Library. The collection currently provides images of some 25,000 pages of primary source materials for research into the remarkable history of Louisiana during this period. Additional materials will be added in the future. Materials in the collection emphasize the diversity of cultures that merged when Louisiana was transformed from a colony to a newly minted U.S. state. Covering primarily 1800 to 1815, the collection includes books published in or about Louisiana, such as travel accounts, political tracts, and scientific and religious works. Maps range from original plans of Baton Rouge and New Orleans to sketchier depictions of the Louisiana frontier. Manuscripts include legal and governmental documents, as well as correspondence of government officials; family papers of Louisiana residents; and accounts of travelers. Many of the documents deal with New Orleans, then the largest city in the South and the nation's second largest port. Available:

[see also title by Burke listed under Ireland - History

Lewis & Clark

* Chaloult, Michel. les «Canadiens» de l'expédition Lewis et Clark. Sillery (Québec): Septentrion, 2003. 198 p.

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[see title by Caretta in book by Griffin listed under Bibliography]

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