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December, 2000 / January 2001

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§ The Journal of American History, 87, 3 (December 2000) includes a special round table discussion, "Cinque and the Historians: How a Story Takes Hold" - including H. Jones, "Cinque of the Amistad a slave trader? Perpetuating a myth" (923-39); P. Finkelman, "On Cinque and the historians" (940-46); B. Wyatt-Brown, "Mea culpa" (947-48); W.S. McFeely, "Cinque, tall and strong" (949-50).

[see also titles by Beckles listed under Caribbean History; by Eltis & Engerman and by Coelho & McGuire listed under Economics; by Vansina and by Mudimbe listed under Historiography]


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[see also title by Copeland listed under U.S. - Colonial & Federal History]


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[see also title by Hamilton listed under Economics]


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[see also title by Burnard and by Ryden listed under Africa &c; by Vaughan listed under History of Medicine, by Zavala listed under Theory]


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[see also title by Rothenberg listed under France - History; by Burnett listed under History of Science]


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[see title by Li listed under Economics; by Wilson listed under History of Art]


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§ Aut Aut, 3-4 (1999) is a special issue on "Casting the Net: Words and Reality in the Age of the Internet" - articles (in Italian) include A.M. Morazzoni, Introduction (3-4); A.M. Morazzoni, 'Perche vivo all'Ufficio Postale' (intro. to tr. of Eudora Welty's story] (5); G.O. Longo, "Face and interface" (27-35); R. De Benedetti, "The aesthetics of the interface" (37-41); C. Formenti, "The bulimic cyborg" (43-47); G. Berto, "Real time" (49-53); E. Greblo, "Virtual communities" (55-66); R. De Biasi & R.V. Scelsi, "The digital self" (67-72); P. Marrone, "Net-ethics" (73-82); C. Formenti, "Trash democracy" (83-90); C. Dal Monte, "Chat-rooms" (91-95); P.A. Rovatti, "The mouse and the sea" (97-101); D. Zoletto, "'Windows' on the 'desktop'" (103-109); A. Sciacchitano, "Knots, nets, Freud, and Lacan" (111-14); M. Ferraris, "Peri-mail" (115-19); A. Sciacchitano, "Passwords, what passion" (133-150); A.M. Morazzoni, "Sound on the Web" (151-58); F. Polidori, "Extensive memory" (159-64); P. Casati, "Beyond the Internet. The economy of a vision" (165-82); C. Formenti, "Techno-gnostics and techno-shamans" (183-93); A. Dal Lago, "The poverty of globalization" (195-206).

[see also title by Lee & Fulford listed under Africa]

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The "Subject Index to Literature on Electronic Sources of Information" (August 1,2000) and the accompanying "Electronic Sources of Information: A Bibliography" (listing all indexed items) deal with all aspects of electronic publishing and include print and non-print materials, periodical articles, monographs and individual chapters in collected works. This edition, prepared by Marian Dworaczek of the University of Saskatchewan Libraries, includes 1,329 titles. Both the Index and the Bibliography are continuously updated. Available:

The Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography, 34 (2000) is now available online:; a selective bibliography of over 1,250 articles, books, electronic documents, and other sources useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and other networks.
Sections include Economic Issues; Electronic Books and Texts; Case Studies and History (General Works, Library Issues), Electronic Serials (Case Studies and History, Critiques, Electronic Distribution of Printed Journals, General Works, Library Issues, Research); General Works; Legal Issues (Intellectual Property Rights, License Agreements, Other Legal Issues); Library Issues (Cataloging, Identifiers, and Metadata), Digital Libraries, General Works, Information Conversion, Integrity, and Preservation); New Publishing Models; Publisher Issues (Electronic Commerce-Copyright Systems). The SEPB text (without links) is also available in Acrobat format: and in Word 97 format:


* Kiple, Kenneth F., & Kriemhildd Coneè Ornelas, ed. The Cambridge World History of Food. 2 vols. ISBN 0-521-40216-7 - and see the book's website -- - for extracts, links, and listings of food festivals.

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[see title by Charbonneau listed under History of Medicine]


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[see also title by Ryden listed under Africa &c; by Harris listed under Bibliography &c]


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[see also title by Curtin listed under Africa &c.]

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Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database -- Hippocrates Project, New York University School of Medicine, founded by Dr. Felice Aull; searchable annotated bibliography of prose, poetry, film, video, and art relating to medicine & medical humanities. Available:

Medicine Through Time - BBC Online's interactive educational project charting the history of medicine from early times until the modern age; covers diseases & treatments, anatomy and surgery, hospitals, public health, & alternative medicine. A Shockwave site; also available in text-only form; available:


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[see also title by Ferrell & McCullough listed under England - Literature]

Christianity - Protestant - Anglican

[see title by English listed under Bibliography]

Christianity - Protestant - Baptists

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Christianity - Protestant - Shaker

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Christianity - Roman Catholic

[see title by Heilbronner listed under Germany - History]


§ Cahiers du monde russe, 41, 2-3 (avril-septembre 2000) is a special issue devoted to Islam in Siberia ("Islam sibérien"); titles include Nikolaj A. Tomilov, "Ethnic processes within the Turkic population of the West Siberian plain" [16th-20th centuries]; Svetlana N. Korusenko, "Composition ethnique et relations intercommunautaires des Tatars du Moyen-Irtysh (fin XVIIIe - fin XXe siècles): Étude de quelques relevés démographiques et généalogiques"; Allen J. Frank, "Varieties of Islamization in Inner Asia: the case of the Baraba Tatars, 1740-1917"; Christian Noack, "Die sibirischen Bucharioten - eine muslimische Minderheit unter russischer Herrschaft"; Thierry Zarcone, "Les confréries soufies en Sibérie (XIXe siècle et début du Xe siècle)"; Stéphane A. Dudoignon, "Un islam périphérique ? Quelques réflexions sur la presse musulmane de Sibérie à la veille de la Première Guerre mondiale."; Aleksandr G. Seleznev, "Le syncrétisme islam-paganisme chez les peuples turks de Sibérie occidentale"; Shulpan K. Ahmetova, "L'islam dans la culture des Qazaqs de Sibérie occidentale"; Xavier Le Torrivellec, "Entre steppes et stèles. Territoires et identités au Bachkortostan"; Marine Leberre- Semenov, "Le mouvement de conservation d'une ethnie en voie d'extinction, les Youkaguirs."

[see also title by Schmidtke listed under History of Sexuality]

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Quran Browser Advanced Home Page - (Brown University's Scholarly Technology Group) Searches Quranic passages by keyword, substring, word pattern, phrase searches, logical operations on groups of Quranic passages; passages may be retrieved from five editions. Available:


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[see also title by Barker listed under History of Art]

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Astronomiae Historia - History of Astronomy - Created by the Working Group for the History of Astronomy, this site covers observatories, biographies, archives and libraries, museums, research institutes, publications, meetings, societies, and historians of astronomy, with links. Available in German & English versions:

Classic Chemistry - this page by Carmen Giunta (LeMoyne College) provides selected classic texts from the history of chemistry, glossary of archaic chemical terms, a weekly calendar of anniversaries in the history of chemistry, and links. Available: International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology - The ISHPSSB is an interdisciplinary organization composed of scholars in the life sciences, social sciences, and history and philosophy of science. "Beginner's Guide to Research in the History of Science," Newsletter archive, links. Available:



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American Jewish Historical Society - AJHS collects, preserves, and disseminates materials relating to American-Jewish history from the 1500s until the present. AJHS's website includes AJHS history, information about their lecture series information, publication list, links, discussion group, &information on how to apply for AJHS's prizes and fellowships; AJHS preserves archival materials & a genealogical reference service. Available:

National Museum of American Jewish History - access to the museum's exhibitions & special educational events; comparative time line documenting American, world, and Jewish history from the 15th-20th centuries. Available:



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On the web

Thomas Jefferson Papers at the Library of Congress - more than 27,000 documents, 80,000 images. Early Virginia history (correspondence, drawings, maps, memoranda, notes, & drafts of various documents including the Declaration of Independence); Jefferson's two Presidencies (1801-1809), documents from the Louisiana Purchase and the period prior to the War of 1812. A part of LOC's American Memory Historical Collections; available:


On the web

George Washington Papers at the Library of Congress, 1741-1799 - more than 65,000 documents ranging from Washington's youth and life as a surveyor through his service in the French and Indian War, the First and Second Continental Congresses, and the Revolutionary War period. Includes correspondence, letterbooks, commonplace books, diaries and travel journals, reports, notes, financial account books, and military papers. A part of LOC's American Memory Historical Collections; available:



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[see also title by Pitcher listed under Bibliography]

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