No. 80
October 16, 2000

Greetings! Selected Readings is compiled and edited by Kevin Berland (C18-L's Dogsbody and Factotum), with the generous assistance of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, viz., Amy Haley, Jack Lynch, P. Singletree, Mark G.Spencer, Scarlett Townsend, Simon Varey, and A.J. Wright, not to mention the ever-present company of the Man in the Funny Hat, the Operator of the Moderately Elegant Machines, and the Secret Admirer. Welcome to Mr. Geoffrey Fuzzyblazer, and, as always, a tip of the Hat to the Chair of the Irony Board.

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Academia, The Profession, &c.

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The American History Review, 105, 2 (April 2000) features a special forum on "Crossing slavery's boundaries"; essays include D.B. Davis, "Looking at slavery from broader perspectives" (452-66); P. Kolchin, "The Big Picture: A comment on David Brion Davis's 'Looking at slavery from broader perspectives'" (467-71); R.J. Scott, "Small-scale dynamics of large-scale processes" (472-79); S.L. Engerman, "Slavery at different times and places" (480-84).

[see also title by Haines & Shlomowitz listed under Economics


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[see also title by Verschaffel listed under Historiography]


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The British Journal for the History of Science, 33, 116, 2 (June 2000) features a special section, "Book history and the sciences"; titles include J.R. Topham, Introduction (155-58); A. Johns, "Miscellaneous methods: authors, societies and journals in early modern England" (159-86); L. Howsam, "An experiment with science for the nineteenth-century book trade: the International Scientific Series" (187-207); N. Rupke, "Translation studies in the history of science: the example of Vestiges" (209-22).


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[see also title by Paquet & Wallot listed under Economics; by Coates listed under Native Americans &c.]


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[see title by Forster listed under Canada; by Mohammed listed under Theory & Criticism]


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[see also titles by Deng and by Xu Dixin listed under Economics; by Hsia listed under England - Literature]


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[see also title by Zaret listed under Bibliography &c.]


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