Selected Readings, No 66

January 18, 1999

"In this Work, when it shall be found that much is omitted, let it not be forgotten that much likewise is performed." -- Samuel Johnson

The informal bibliography, Selected Readings, is compiled and edited by Kevin Berland, with the able assistance of the December-January Volunteer Fire Brigade, viz. Erin C. Blake, Neil Guthrie, Jack Lynch, Dorothy Medlin, and A.J. Wright, not to mention the ever-present company of the Man in the Funny Hat, the Operator of the Moderately Elegant Machines, and the Secret Admirer... For explanations and caveats, about editorial policy, please see the Selected Readings Modus Operandi Page. Please note that all links given in this were operational on the publication date; if you're visiting in the future (relatively speaking) we cannot ensure the links will still be up


La Capra, D. 'The University in ruins?" Critical Inquiry, 25, 1 (Autumn 1998): 32 ff.

* Scholes, Robert. The Rise and Fall of English: Reconstructing English as a Discipline. Yale University Press, 1998. 192 pp. ISBN 0-300-07151-5 [and see review by Adam Bresnick, "They've been cheated," TLS, 4993 (December 11, 1998): 11.

§ Cultural Critique, 40 (Autumn 1998) is a special issue on "The Future of American Studies."


[see also title by Sow listed under Germany - Literature - Herder]


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§ Journal of Canadian Studies - Revue d'études canadiennes, 33, 2 (Summer 1998) is a special issue on "Refiguring Wilderness." Among the many articles is M. Taylor, "'This our dwelling': The landscape experience of the Jesuit missionaries to the Huron, 1626-1650" (85).



[see title by Gregori listed under England - Literature - Pope]


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[see title by Lack listed under France - Literature - Sade]


"Replacing paper: Bad news for trees." The Economist online, Dec 19th 1998 - Jan 1st 1999 ["Despite the advent of electronic books, ever more information will go on meaning ever more paper, as the editor of our Web Edition discovers"].

"Network, Screen and Page: The Future of Reading in a Digital Age," Executive Summary, The Electronic Document Systems Foundation

ViVa: A Bibliography of Women's History in Historical and Women's Studies Journals. [ViVa is short for "Vrouwengeschiedenis in het Vaktijdschrift", which is Dutch for "Women's history in scholarly periodicals". ViVa is compiled at the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, Netherlands]


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[see also title by Hale listed under England - History]


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* Zook, Melinda S. Radical Whigs and Conspiratorial Politics in Late Stuart England. Pennsylvania State University Press, March 1999. 284 pp., ill. ISBN 0-271-01856-9 [political culture during the 1670s-80s originates not with Locke but with such activities as the Rye House conspiracy, Monmouth rebellion; 1688 revolution]

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[see also title by Busset listed under France - Literature - Staël]


* Gregori, Flavio. Rettorica dell'epica: La dissoluzione dell'epica neoclassica e le traduzioni omeriche di Alexander Pope. Bologna: Cisalpino Istituto Editoriale Universitario (Series "Le bricole": Collana del Dip. Studi Linguistici e Letterari Europei e Postcoloniali, Università di Venezia Ca' Foscari), 1998. ISBN: 88-323-7056-5 [Rettorica dell'epica is a study of the reasons why English Neoclassical writers did not produce good epic poems, though critics and theorists agreed that the epic was the loftiest genre in the canon. Deriving its title from the Italian philosopher Carlo Michelstaedter's distinction between rettorica and persuasione, the study provides an analysis of the ways in which Augustan poets responded to an increasing awareness of the clash between their wish to create a poetry of totality and the lack of historical preconditions which allow the epic genre to flourish. Starting with an investigation of the allegorical transformation of the epic genre, the book follows the various attempts made by Augustan writers, from Davenant to Pope, to counteract the increasingly felt contradiction between their yearning for a natural epos and the need to recreate it artificially through the imitation of the writers of classical antiquity. It then focuses on Pope's translations of Homer, pointing to the way in which Pope used the translation as a way to appease his ambition to write an original epic poem when the contemporary reality did not provide him with epic subject matter].


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[see title by Wokler listed under France - Literature - Voltaire]


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[see also title by Marso listed under Political Thought]


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[see also title by Aldridge listed under Philosophy - Shaftesbury]


[on emigration, see title by Wokeck listed under U.S. - Colonial & Federal History]


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[see also title by Wise & Walker listed under Miscellaneous; by Kotter listed under History of Science - Newton]


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§ Rethinking History, 2, 3 (Autumn, 1998) is a special issue on "The Good of History: Ethics, Post-Structuralism, and the Representation of the Past." Select articles include R. Eaglestone, "The 'fine risk' of history: Post-structuralism, the past, and the work of Emmanuel Levinas" (313); M. Ronayne, "Archaeological dilemmas? Ethics, materialities and pasts" (321); D. Bloxham & T. Kushner, "Exhibiting racism: Cultural imperialism, genocide, and representation" (349); M. Baker, "Feminist post-structuralist engagements with history" (371); J.H. Arnold, "The historian as inquisitor: The ethics of interrogating subaltern voices" (379); T. Webster, "The word of God and the ethics of the religious past in Northern Ireland" (387); S. Pitt, "Representing otherness: Feminism, logocentrism and the discipline of history" (397).


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[See also title by Rowland-Jones listed under History of Music]


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[see also title by Fawcett listed under England - History]


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[see also title by Peddle listed under Political Thought; on U.S. Baptist history, see title by James listed under U.S. - Colonial & Federal History]


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