Selected Readings, No 51

May 15, 1997

"In this Work, when it shall be found that much is omitted, let it not be forgotten that much likewise is performed." -- Samuel Johnson

Compiled and edited by Kevin Berland, with the able assistance of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, viz. Erin Blake, Bill Everdell, Louis Moureau, Dorothy Medlin, Benoit Melançon, Tim Viator, as well as the Man in the Funny Hat and the Secret Admirer.


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[see also title by Prickett listed under Germany-Literature]


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[see also title by Zander listed under England-Literature-Astell]


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La Librairie Didier Erudition, rue de la Sorbonne, a crée une nouvelle collection intitulé Classiques Didier destinée a remplacer les Classiques Garnier moribonds. Elle concerne la littérature francaise, mais aussi les littératures étrangéres. Les premiers volumes sont prévus des la fin de l'année 1997. Les principes en sont conformes aux regles habituelles de l'édition savante. Pour le dix-huitiéme siècle, on peut s'adresser Louis Moureau, 14 bis, rue de Milan; 75009 Paris (France). Courriel: Louis Moureau


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See also title by Hermand listed under Garden History; by Schwind listed under Theatre History - Germany


See title by Hermand listed under Garden History


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