Selected Readings, No 48

December 17, 1996

"In this Work, when it shall be found that much is omitted, let it not be forgotten that much likewise is performed." -- Samuel Johnson

  Greetings! Selected Readings is compiled and edited by Kevin Berland, with the able assistance of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, viz., Erin Blake, Dorothy Medlin, Benoît Melançon and A.J. Wright, not to mention the ever-present company of the Man in the Funny Hat, the Operator of the Moderately Elegant Machines, and the Secret Admirer.

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  What kinds of things make it into the bibliography? Good question! Please see the explanations and caveats on the Selected Readings Modus Operandi Page.



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[see also title by van der Meer listed under History of Sexuality]


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§ Harvard Library Bulletin, 6, 3 (Autumn 1995) is a special issue on how excellent it is indeed to study in the Widener Library.


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[See also title by Matthewson listed under U.S.- Colonial & Federal History]


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[see title by Baldwin listed under England-Literature-Johnson]


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[see also title by Carter listed under Poland-History]


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[see also title by Glaser listed under Political Thought]


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* Cambridge University Press has announced the publication of a CD-ROM edition of the Dictionary of the English Language, ed. Ann McDermott; it containsa both the 1st and 4th editions (1755 & 1773), with over 80,000 entries, and is available for both PC and Mac platforms.

* Primary Source Media has announced the publication of a Johnson & Boswell CD-ROM, containing the complete works of Johnson and a selection of Boswell s works, including the Life of Johnson. Leopold Damrosch edited the text. (12 Lunar Drive, Woodbridge, CT 06525; website: -- e-mail:


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[See also title by Cormack listed under Maritime History]


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[See also title by Vanpee listed under France-Literature-Laclos]


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[see also title by Glaser listed under Political Thought]


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