Selected Readings, No 35

March 19, 1995



Selected Readings is compiled and edited by Kevin Berland, with the able assistance of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, viz. Erin Colleen Blake, Brian Connery, Don Nichol, A.J. Wright, William Zachs. Thanks to Erin Blake for recovering this file.

For SR's editorial policy, please see the Selected Readings Modus Operandi Page. These early issues of SR were circulated to C18-L subscribers via e-mail, and are reproduced here without significant editing; thus, diacritical marks, special characters, and fancy formatting will not be found.


This number of SR is dedicated to the memory
of Michael B. Thompson.



Dyibokowski, James. "Slavery, Lessons from the International Campaign to Abolish the Slave Trade." Lumen, 13 (1994): 87-98.

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* Tanselle, G. Thomas. The Life and Work of Fredson Bowers. Charlottesville: Bibliographical Society, University of Virginia, 1993. 210pp. ISBN 1-883631-00-9 [Forword by David L. Vander Meulen, chronology by Martin C. Battestin]

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[see also title by Allan listed under Research Opportunities]


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[see also title by Richards et al. listed under Maritime History]


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[see also title by Berube listed under France-Literature-Voltaire]


Texte, 13-14 (1993) is a special issue on texts and informatics, including studies on computers and linguistics, writing, textual analysis, editing, hypertexts, critical editions, and on-line resources. All papers are in French.


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* Rizzo, Betty. Companions Without Vows: Relationships Among 18th-Century Women. University of Georgia Press, 1994. ISBN 0-8203-1541-9

Wordsworth Circle, 25, 3 (Summer 1994) is a special interdisciplinary issue on recuperations (mainly in the 19th century) of the English Civil War. Papers of interest to our readers include N.J. Watson, "Domestic Revolutions: Fictions of National History, 1788-1830" (129); T. Hoagwood, "Gilray, Cromwell, and the Problem of Representation" (134); and G. Kucich, "Inventing Revolutionary History: Romanticism and the Politics of Literary Tradition" (138).

[see also title by Lawrence listed under History of Medicine; by Harding listed under Maritime History]


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[see also title by Weidhorn listed under Classics]


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[see title by Grundy listed under History of Medicine]


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[see also title by Kekewich listed under England - History]


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[see titles by Rousseau listed under Political Thought]


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[see also titles from Historical Reflections listed under History of Religion]


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The Journal of Aesthetic Education, 28, 4 (Winter 1994) includes several papers on the recent Maja Controversy, including: A.A. Anderson & C.R. Garolan, "Exposed and Expelled: The Maja Controversy Revisited" (33); M.L. Krumrine, "Goya's Maja Desnuda in Context" (36); S.C. Dubin, "Art's Enemies: Censors to the Right of Me, Censors to the Left of Me" (54); E.L. Lankford, "Freedom and Outrage in Art Education" (54); K.J. Foster, "Art, Culture, and Administration" (62).


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[see also title by Jacyna listed under Scotland-History]


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Historical Reflections, 20, 3 (Autumn 1994) is a special issue entitled "History, Historiography, and the History of Religions." Among the articles of interest to SR readers -- K. Rudolph, "We Learn WhatReligion is From History: On the Relation Between the Study of History and the Study of Religions" (357); H.G. Kippenberg, "Rivalry Among Scholars of Religion: The Crisis of Historicism and the Formation of Paradigms in the History of Religions" (377); C. Colpe, "The Science of Religion, the History of Religion, the Phenomenology of Religion" (403); M. Desplan, "Two Types of Scholarship: the Contrast Between Anquetil-Duperron and Champollion" (413); A. McCalla, "When is History not History? Historiography and the History of Religion" (435); G. Lease, "The History of Religious Consciousness and the Diffusion of Culture: Strategies for Surviving Dissolution" (453).


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[see also titles by Allan listed under Research Opportunities; by Felsenstein listed under England-History; by Zola listed under US & Colonial History]


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[see also title by Barnard listed under History of Law; by Connolly and by McGuire listed under History of Religion-Christianity- Protestant]



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[see also title by Rowland listed under England-Literature-Churchill]


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[see also title by Currie listed under Canada &c.]


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[see also title by Jacyna listed under Scotland-History]


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