Selected Readings, No 33

January 19, 1994

The January 1995 VFB Roll of Honour: Benoit Melancon, Kevin Berland. Thanks to Erin Blake for returning SR 33 to the fold.

These early editions of Selected Readings were originally circulated to C18-L subscribers via e-mail, and are being posted here with minimal re-editing-- hence the absence of special characters, diacritical marks, and fancy formatting.


* Sollers, Philippe. _la Guerre du gout_. Paris, Gallimard, 1994. 650pp. Plusieurs textes sur le XVIIIe siecle.


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[see also title by Fleming listed under Material Culture]


* Li, Wai-Yee. _Enchantment and Disenchantment: Love and Illusion in Chinese Literature_. Princeton University Press, 1993. xiii/294pp. ISBN: 0-691-05684-6.


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* Moskal, Jeanne. _Blake, Ethics, and Forgiveness_. University of Alabama, 1994. 226pp. ISBN 0-8173-0678-1

[see also titles by Baldwin & Hutton listed under Philosophy; byBaum listed under England-Literature,]


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[see various titles listed under Germany-Literature-Goethe]


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[see title by Adamson listed under Canada, &c.)


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[see entries under Jewish History]


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[see title by Reinhardt listed under Germany-History]


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[see also title by Buch listed under History of Music]


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Archives de philosophie, 57, 3 (juillet-septembre 1994) is a special issue on Spinoza, Epicurus, and Gassendi. Articles (in French) discuss Epicurus and Spinoza on physics and on ethics, Spinoza s reading of Gassendi, Bayle on Gassendi against Spinoza, Spinoza s supposed Epicureanism and atheism, Epicureanism in the Amsterdam Sephardic community, and John Toland and Epicureanism.


[see title by Graevenitz listed under Germany-Literature-Goethe]


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[see also listings under France-Literature-Voltaire]


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