Selected Readings, No 20

October 15, 1993

Compiled and edited by Kevin Berland, with the able assistance of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, viz. Jon Dessau, Benoît Melançon, and Jeffrey Merrick.

[These early editions of Selected Readings were originally circulated by e-mail to C18-L subscribers, and are being posted here without significant re-editing; hence the absence of special characters, diacritical marks, and formatting]


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[See also title by Lenci listed below under Italy;]


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The Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, 102, Part 2 (October 1992) is entitled "Serendipity and Synergy: Collection Development, Access, And Research Opportunities at the American Antiquarian Society in the McCorison Era." Articles inclide: P.C. Cohen, "Doing Women's History at the American Antiquarian Society" (295), and more.

[See also titles by Lenci and by Morelli-Timpanaro listed below under Italy;]


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[See also title by Casini listed below under History of Science;


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[See title by Demers listed below under England-Literature-Yearsley;]


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[See also title by Castillo listed below under Malta; and title by Driskel listed under History of Architecture;]


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[see also titles listed above under l'Encyclopedie and under Philosophy-Diderot; and by Mensching listed below under Philosophy-Holbach;]


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[See also titles listed under Philosophy-Rousseau; see also title by Roger listed below under France-Literature-Sade;


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[See also title by Du Bos listed under France-Literature-Du Bos;]


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[See also titles by Grudule listed below under Latvia; by Rogers listed above under England-Literature-Richardson; by Van der Eycken &Van Deth, listed below under Miscellaneous; by Paganini listed under Philosophy-Condorcet; see also various titles on materialism listed throughout the Philosophy section;]


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[See also titles by Sosso listed below under Philosophy-Rousseau; and by Galbraith listed under Philosophy-Kant;


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[See also titles by Phillips, Scouten, and Van der Eycken & Van Deth, listed above under Miscellaneous; by Morison listed above under Bibliography &c.; by Gold listed under Denmark; and several titles listed under China; by Aubaud and by de Rougemont listed under France-Literature; by Pappas listed under Philosophy-Condorcet]

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