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August 15, 1993



Compiled and edited by Kevin Berland, with the able assistance of the Volunteer Fire Brigade....

[These early editions of Selected Readings are being posted here without significant re-editing.]


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[See also titles listed under Research Resources]


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[see also title by Terry listed under History of Art-Blake;]


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[See title by Silver listed under Philosophy-Berkeley;]


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The Journal of Garden History, 13, 1-2 (January-June 1993) is a special issue devoted to "Rediscovering the British Garden." Articles include: M. Leslie, "An English Landscape Before 'The English Landscape Garden'?" (3); T. Mowl, "New Science, Old Order: The Gardens of the Great Rebellion" (16); E.S Harwood, "Personal Identity and the 18th-Century English Landscape Garden" (36); T. Williamson, "The Landscape Park: Economics, Art, and Ideology" (49); M. Charlesworth, "Sacred Landscape: Signs of Religion in the 18th-Century Garden" (56); C. Ridgway, "Willam Andrews Nesfield: Between Uvedale Price and Isambard Kingdom Brunel" (69).


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[See also title by Bohm listed above under Germany-Literature-Klopstock]


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Zeitschrift des Deutschen Vereins fur Kunstwissenschaft, 46 (1992) is a special number devoted to English-German relations in the 18th and 19th centuries. Articles [in German] include: W Busch, "The Reception of Hogarth in Chodowiecki and Kaulbach: Influences of English Prints in German" (9); B. Baumgartel, "Attitudes and Painting: The Paradox of Silent Emotion as a Synthesis of Invention and Imitation in 18th-Century Portraiture" (21); J. Gage, "English Contributions to Friedrich's Landscapes" (43).


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[See also listings under Research Resources;]


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DU - Die Zeitschrift der Kultur, 4 (April 1993) is a special issue on Vermin, including essays [in German] on perceptions and illustrations of insect and animal pests, including B. theus, "Destination: South Kensington -- The Natural History Museum in London, a Centre for Entomological Research Since 1753" (58).


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[see titles about Goldoni listed under Theatre History


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[See also title by Wahl & Westphal listed under Philosophy-Leibniz]


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[see also title by Jacquette listed under Philosophy-Kant;]


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[See also title by Thandeka listed under Philosophy-Schleiermacher;]


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[see title by Silver listed under Philosophy - Berkeley]


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[See also title by Jodziewicz listed above under History of Science; by Wilson listed above under Bibliography &c.; by Dyck listed under Political Thought]


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[See also titles by Swanson listed under Economic History; by Wilson under Bibliography &c.; and by Wenger and by Wilson listed under History of Architecture;]


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