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June 15, 1993



Compiled and edited by Kevin Berland, with the able assistance of the Volunteer Fire Brigade, viz., Benoît Melançon, Jeffrey Merrick, Irwin Primer, and Richard Sher.


[These early editions of Selected Readings, originally circulated as longish text messages to C18-L subscribers, are now being posted here on the C18-L Website with minimal re-editing. Note that we formerly used abbreviations for journals. To find the key to abbreviations, please follow this link - Old SR Abbreviation Key]


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[See also listings under Research Resources]


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[see also title by Karras listed under US & Colonial History;]


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In the Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester, 74, 3 (Autumn 1992), you will find a special section on Computers and the Humanities. Articles include: S.W. Baskerville, P. Adman, & K.F. Beedham, "Præferring a Whig to a Whimsical: The Cheshire Election of 1715 Reconsidered" (139-68); P.W. Conner,"Hypertext in the Last Days of the Book" (7-24); D. Keen, S. Rahtz, & P. Ucko, "Visualization of the Antiquarian Record in Archaeology" (121-38); and K. Sutherland "Challenging Assumptions: Women Writers, the Literary Canon, and New Technology" (109-120).

The Times Literary Supplement (TLS), 4700 (April 30 1993) features articles on Information and Technology, including R. Potts on Columbia-Grainger's CD-ROM World of Poetry, the English Poetry Full-Text Database, and the E-text Poetical Works of Coleridge (7); D. Horspool, "Electronic Reference Works" (8); and Hugh Kenner, "The Scholar's Friend: The Irresistible Rise of the Word Processor" (10).

[See also title by Lewcock listed under History of Theatre;]


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[See also titles by O'Brian and by Charlesworth listed below under England - History;]


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[See also title by Baskerville et al. listed above under Computers & the Humanities]


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[See also titles listed under Scotland-Literature-Boswell;]


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[See also title by Boime listed under History of Art; and titles listed below under Philosophy - Rousseau]


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[see also title by Lestition listed under Philosophy - Kant;]



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[See also listings below under Research Resources;]


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[See also listing by Woods under Research Sources]



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[See also title by Ferrante listed under Research Resources;]


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[see also title by Matar listed History of Religion-Judaism]


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