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(To be read as an Epilogue, Postlude, Valediction And Disclaimer by those making use of the bibliography...)

Selected Readings is a monthly running bibliography of articles about all aspects of 18th-Century Studies, compiled and edited by Kevin Berland from the contributions of generous volunteers, who draw their material from various sources (principally tables of contents of sundry journals.

CAVEAT 1: the accuracy of these entries cannot be guaranteed -- ah, we ask, what is certain in this vicissitudinous world? -- and, indeed, in the case of the entries in this bibliographical project, titles and pagination have not always been verified; words may be omitted, added, translated, or (quel chagrin) even mistranslated);

CAVEAT 2: comprehensiveness in all fields is not guaranteed, and omissions may occur -- indeed, omissions nearly always do occur;

CAVEAT 3: repetitions may occur, and, furthermore, repetitions may occur; thus, redundancy may also be unavoidable, so readers of Selected Readings should be prepared to encounter unavoidable redundancy and repeated material;

CAVEAT 4: variation of format may occur because volunteers thus submit entries;

CAVEAT 5: Selected Readings is usually published on or about the 15th of the month; it may appear a few days or weeks late or even a few days early, depending upon the mood and schedule of the editor -- "few" shall here be construed as a relative term -- and SR may be delayed a month or sometimes even more during periods in which the editor is beset, melancholy, preoccupied, ill, travelling, sulking, or over-committed;

CAVEAT 6: Books listed herein are indicated by a teal-green asterisk -- * -- in the left margin; but they may not be available yet when Selected Readings lists them, because publishers' release dates may vary, and some books are advertised early;

CAVEAT 7: Because the sporadic thoroughness and strength of focus on certain areas of this interdisciplinary bibliography depends on the voluntary contributions of scholars in those particular fields, nothing in the presence or absence of material pertaining to any category of study and interest should be construed as establishing favouritism, canonicity, special interests, partisan ideological disciplinary silencing or validation;

CAVEAT 8: Crossposting Selected Readings is encouraged; however, if you do crosspost, please remember to acknowledge its source prominently, and if cuts in the text have been made, be sure to indicate that you are posting a truncated version.

CAVEAT 9: Those who do not learn from history, it has been said, are condemned to repeat it. To avoid this eventuality, the editor humbly requests that contributors keep copies of material sent in, just in case something comes up (again) and the contribution falls by the virtual wayside, and the contributor's generosity and labour are frustrate, and a sad time is had by all. Furthermore, the compiler abjectly apologizes to contributors whose offerings have not for this reason appeared in Selected Readings.

CAVEAT 10: C18-L and Selected Readings both operate on the assumption that historical and cultural continuities run across the arbitrary lines imposed by century-measurements. For the sake of argument, we consider the "Long Eighteenth Century" to be our bailiwick, said L.E.C. to consist roughly of the period from c.1660-c.1830. This is a rough measure, indeed. As for the inclusion or exclusion of material , see Caveat 7.



Selected Readings depends on volunteers, who are manifestly and intrinsically noble, generous, dependable, indefatigable, erudite, philanthropic, magnanimous -- gentlefolk and scholars, &c. &c. Who are they? We're glad you asked. Their names are listed each issue up on the masthead (i.e., at the very top of the page).



Selected Readings always needs volunteers to cover all sorts of areas, including specialists in Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, assorted eastern European, Finnish, German, Latin American, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish language, literature, history, and culture. We could also use help in covering history of law, material culture, religion, science, political thought, &c. &c. You will know best where the gaps are simply by noticing what isn't here.

Contributing need not be difficult or time-consuming. All that is involved for prospective volunteers is to spend some time in the library, to type up (on the computer) any relevant entries from the tables of contents of journals with which you are familiar, and to send them to the editor by regular e-mail. We will also accept longer contributions on disk mailed by snailmail, or by fax. If you can, please subdivide your entries by appropriate heading -- use headings from recent issues of Selected Readings or invent your own. This would be most useful, since we are compelled (in candour) to acknowledge that in spite of the way it must appear to so many out there in vacuum-land, we do not in fact know everything. This means we are sometimes unable to classify entries, and sometimes we even misclassify them (and are, when informed of our error, suitably covered with rue). Also useful is (very) brief information -- a synopsis including names and keywords placed in brackets at the end of the entry -- letting our readers know something of what the article covers beyond what is indicated by title alone. We encourage more and more C18-L readers to volunteer to cover one or two or more journals, and to send us the relevant contents of books of essays (which we also like to list, especially since it sometimes takes years to find out what's in Festschriften and the like.

Kevin Berland, your friendly neighbourhood Editor & Compiler (also C18-L Factotum, Dogsbody, Netwallah, Sir Alexander Drawcansir Chair of Sublunary Studies and Provost of the New Intangible College). He may be reached by email, by telephone (voice) at 724 983-2940, or by fax at 724 983-2820. The Snailmail address is: Kevin Berland, Department of English & Comparative Literature, Penn State-Shenango, 147 Shenango Ave., Sharon, PA 16146-1597 (USA). And you can visit his nice blue home-page too.

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