Journalism and the Periodical Press

This bibliography lists studies of the periodical press throughout Europe and the Americas during the period 1650-1800. It is intended to cover printed publications during the past dozen years. This bibliography, unlike others in the series, has not been published previously in The East-Central Intelligencer. This bibliography benefits from my work as the Section 1 editor (Printing and Bibliographic Studies) of The Eighteenth Century: A Current Bibliography, making available much information that will later appear, in some cases with more detail, in volumes as yet unpublished. For suggestions and corrections, I am indebted to my friend James E. Tierney as well as other members of EC/ASECS, and, of course, I am also indebted to many published bibliographies, most especially those by Diana Dixon in Journal of Newspaper and Periodical History (London, 1984-1994) and the annual that to some extent continued it, Studies in Newspaper and Periodical History (Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1994-1997). I apologize for omissions and errors, and ask, for future revisions, that scholars please address corrections and additions to me at or the postal address below. I am once again grateful to my friend Kevin Berland for posting this checklist.

This updated bibliography has been augmented with additions from Charles A. Knight, Marie Mercier-Faivre, and James Tierney, and with items drawn from Diana Dixon's "Annual Review of Work in Newspaper and Periodical History 1996-1998," published in Media History, 5, 2 (1999), 201-21. I have also added many dozen more from my own searches. Revised June 1, 2001, March 22 2002.

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