Dick Claésson's Beckford Website, based at Göteborg University in Sweden, includes a pioneering project to reproduce on-line editions and facsimiles of Beckford's works, and a page pointing to research resources and projects.

 Beckford's Tower and Museum in Bath, owned by the Beckford Tower Trust, created in January1971 to educate the public in the life and work of William Beckford.


  Jack Lynch's Timeline entry for Beckford

 Rictor Norton's "William Beckford, The Fool of Fonthill" (part of the "Great Queens of History, this web-article focuses on the history of Beckford's homosexuality, especially the Courtenay scandal). Also of interest is Norton's documentation of Beckford's scrapbooks -- now in the Bodleian library -- documenting his exploration of the "molly subculture."


Material from Jerome McGann's and Patricia Spacks' graduate course on "The Novel of Sensibility" at the University of Virginia:

 The Gothic: Materials for Study.

 Death and Damnation.

 Introduction to the Supernatural.

 "Unspeakable" Desires (Homosexuality and the Gothic).

 "Individual and Social Psychologies of the Gothic": includes excerpts from Vathek demonstrating the psychological aspects of the Gothic, excerpts from other novels, and excerpts from selected critical works on the subject.

 Annotated Bibliography of the novel of sensibility.

Dictionary of Sensibility.

 See also Jerome McGann's home page .

 Take a look at Michael Gamer's home page , and at his Romantics links page.


 William Beckford's Fonthill , a wonderful page featuring Mike Harrison's recreation of the Abbey. Harrison's 3D Model was created using Graphisoft's ArchiCad program, a specialist Architectural CAD program. A must-see page! The .avi flythrough video is now available on line.

 Visiting Fonthill -- Historical sites of interest (Rictor Norton's site).

 See also our Fonthill pictures page.

  Beckford's Tower and Museum -- William Beckford's second tower, in Bath.

 Katherine Warren, "Beckford's Tower at Bath", Artefact, 1 (December 1994) -- the online Bulletin of the Arts Faculty Graduate Centre, University of Bristol.

 Another view of Beckford's Tower at Bath as it undergoes renovation.



 Gothic Literature: What the Romantic Writers Read.

 Gothic Literature 1764-1820, compiled by Franz Potter.

 "Fonthill Style" -- In this entry from the Etherington and Roberts dictionary of bookbinding and conservation terms, "fonthill style" is defined as a specific binding method associated with Beckford's Fonthill Abbey. Curiously, the entry does not mention Beckford as a book collector.

 Timothy Mowl, William Beckford: Composing for Mozart (London: John Murray, 1998), reviewed by Ian Ousby.

 There is a portrait of Susannah Beckford by Sir Joshua Reynolds (1756) in the Tate Gallery. It is featured on the Reynolds Webpage.

 Letters -- The appetite for autograph manuscripts knows no bounds. Among the holdings of the Garber Collection at Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio) there are two cheques signed by William Beckford.

Web searches will uncover numerous references to Beckford and Vathek under the headings of horror (or Gothic) writers and famous homosexuals of the past. We are still collecting resources (more than the mention of the name in lists).

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