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Publications from 2017

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Publications from 2015-2016

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Publications from 2014

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Publications from 2013

Halpern, J. M.; Urbanski, R.; Weinstock, A. K.; Mathers, R. T.; von Recum, H.  A Biodegradable Thermoset Polymer Made by Esterification of Citric Acid and Glycerol. 

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Publications from 2012

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Publications from Penn State 2006-2011

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Publications from Cornell University

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Publications from The University of Akron

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Publication from LORD Corporation

Jolly, M. R.; Bender, J. W.; Mathers, R. T.  Indirect Measurements of Microstructure Development in Magnetorheological Fluids.  Int. J. Mod. Phys. B 1999, 13, 2036-2043.