2018               Prof. Mathers co-organizes a polymer symposium at ACS Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting




2018               Prof. Mathers co-organized a symposium at ACS National Meeting in New Orleans with Professor Eric Cochran and Dr. Erik Hagberg (ADM)


2017               Congratulations to Andrew Soxman for finishing a recent manuscript that was published in J. Polym. Sci. Part A. (link to article)


2015-2016     Prof. Mathers co-organized a symposium at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia with Professor Tatsuo Kaneko and Dr. Erik Hagberg (ADM)


12/2014          Professor Tatsuo Kaneko at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) visits Penn State.


6/2014            Prof. Mathers invited to present at New Horizons in Science conference (link to website) in Mexico City.  The conference is jointly sponsored by the US National Academy of Science, the Mexican Academy of Science, and the Royal Society of Canada.


4/2014            Invited article on bicyclic polyesters appears in Green Chemistry themed issue on Sustainable polymers: reduced environmental impact, renewable raw materials and catalysis (link to article).


3/2014            Prof. Mathers visits Professor Kyoko Nazoki at University of Tokyo and Professor Tatsuo Kaneko at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST).


1/2014            Invited perspective on sustainability appears in special issue on sustainable polymers in Green Chemistry (link to article).


9/2013            Prof. Mathers co-organized a two-day symposium entitled “Monomer and polymer mimicry with renewables” with Professor Steve Miller (Univ. of Florida) at the 246th ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis


9/2013            Appointed as Discipline Coordinator of Science for 14 Penn State campuses to help mentor faculty.


6/2013            Prof. Mathers received funding from chemistry division of National Science Foundation through SuSChEM program for 2013-2016


6/2013            Attends Polymer Gordon Research Conference in Holyoke, MA as Discussion Leader.


4/2013            U.S. Patent Application (US 13/859,495) issued for “Plant based mimics of terephathalic acid” on April 9, 2013


7/2012            Gives invited presentation at Warwick 2012 Polymer Conference, University of Warwick UK entitled “Cascade Strategies for Polymerizing Renewable Dienes”


1/2012            Invited highlight article appears in Journal of Polymer Science: Part A, Polymer Chemistry



1/2012            Attends National Science Foundation Workshop on Sustainability for Chemistry, Engineering, and Materials (SuSChEM) in Arlington, VA as Discussion Leader


9/2011            Prof. Mathers starts two-semester sabbatical in laboratory of Professor K. Matyjaszewski at Carnegie Mellon University