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Hi, I'm Renee Rosier, a biology instructor and postdoctoral research at Penn State. My love of biology and ecology was inspired by my childhood explorations in rural Pennsylvania (more specifically, Cussewago Township), and also by the guidance of some excellent teachers.  After my first biology class in tenth grade, I was hooked - from then on I took as many biology courses as possible and participated in environmental competitions, such as Eco Meet and Envirothon.  After four years at Lock Haven University studying ecology and a year at Old Dominion University in the ecology program, I spent another four years studying behavioral ecology to earn my PhD at Penn State. Even after all of this time, I am still fascinated by biology and ecology. The more I learn, the more my passion for this field grows; however, what good is this passion and knowledge if I don't share it with anyone else?  

This blog reflects my transition from a student and researcher to a teaching role, where I can continue to do what I love - studying ecology - and share it with other people.  The pages in this portfolio outline my research interests as well as my teaching experiences so far, including reviews of the workshops I've attended.  Enjoy!

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