Rena Torres Cacoullos

Professor of Spanish and Linguistics

Department of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese
Pennsylvania State University
249 Burrowes Building
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: (814) 865-1153
e-mail: rena (at) psu (dot) edu

Co-editor, Language Variation and Change


Research interests : Language variation, grammaticalization, language contact

Spanish-English bilingualism NSF 1019112

On language contact

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Torres Cacoullos, Rena & Catherine E. Travis. 2015. Two languages, one effect: structural priming in

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Travis, Catherine E., Rena Torres Cacoullos & Evan Kidd. 2015. Cross-language priming: A view from

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Torres Cacoullos, Rena & Catherine E. Travis. 2015. Foundations for the study of subject pronoun  

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Torres Cacoullos, Rena & Grant M. Berry. Language variation in U.S. Spanish: Social factors.

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On language change

Torres Cacoullos, Rena. 2015. Gradual loss of analyzability: Diachronic priming effects.

        Variation in language: System- and usage-based approaches, Aria Adli, Marco García García & Göz 

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Poplack, Shana & Rena Torres Cacoullos. 2015. Linguistic emergence on the ground: a variationist

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Bauman, Joseph & Rena Torres Cacoullos. 2016. The generalization of preposition para via fusion

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