Higher Structures in Geometry and Physics
Conference in honor of Murray Gerstenhaber's 80th and Jim Stasheff's 70th birthdays

January 15 - 19, 2007  IHP-Paris, France

First talk starts Monday, January 15 at 09:15.
Last talk ends Friday, January 19 at 12:45.

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(Updated January 12) 
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Alberto Cattaneo (Zurich)

Ping Xu (Penn State)

Registration Closed

Practical information (how to reach the conference site and a list of hotels)

A list of hotels

Invited Speakers
Paul Baum (Penn State),
Lawrence Breen (Paris 13),
Giovanni Felder (ETH Zurich),
Kenji Fukaya (Kyoto),
Ezra Getzler (Northwestern),
Anthony Giaquinto (Loyola U Chicago),
Simone Gutt (UL Brussels),
Johannes Huebschmann (Lille 1),
Hiroshige Kajiura (Kyoto),
Mikhail Kapranov (Yale),
Bernhard Keller (Paris 7),
Maxim Kontsevich (IHES),
Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach (Polytechnique),
Janko Latschev (Humboldt U Berlin),
Jean-Louis Loday (Strasbourg 1),
Sergei Merkulov (Stockholm),
Pierre Schapira (Paris 6),
Daniel Sternheimer (Dijon),
Dennis Sullivan (CUNY),
Charles Torossian (ENS Paris),
Boris Tsygan (Northwestern),
Alan Weinstein (UC Berkeley).

Speakers' Slides

This conference is part of the trimester on Groupoids and Stacks in Physics and Geometry.

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Financial support is available for European and US participants. Priority will be given to young researchers. You may apply for financial support by contacting Hope Shaffer . Deadline: Nov 15, 2006.

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