Our Lab

members of BLC Lab

Current Lab Members

Seated, left to right

  • Holly Watkins (Undergraduate)
  • Thomas Holt (Undergraduate)
  • Sebastian Rolotti (Undergraduate)
  • Ping Li (Faculty Member)
  • Patrick Clark (Undergraduate)
  • Jing Yang (Former Postdoc)
  • Shin-Yi Fang (Postdoc)
  • Omair Khan (Research Associate)

Not Pictured
  • Lanyun Gong (Graduate Student)
  • YunQing Li (Visiting Scholar)

Lab Facilities

Our laboratory is equipped with several personal computers for behavioral experiments, simulation, and data analysis. These computers are equipped with E-Prime, SPM, Matlab and other software as needed. For high-load simulations and analysis, we also use Penn State's High Performance Computing cluster. Testing space is available for various cognitive and psycholinguistic experiments. For fMRI studies we also use the facilities of the SLEIC Imaging Center.

Former Lab Members

  • Jackie Adair (graduate student)
  • Gillian Buckley (graduate student at Johns Hopkins University)
  • Lihua Chen (graduate student)
  • Li Zheng (Postdoc)
  • Sau-Chin Chen (Assistant Professor at Tzu Chi University, Taiwan)
  • Krystal Cunningham (Cerner Corporation, Kansas City)
  • Amanda Cobb (UR graduating senior)
  • Lindsay Cox (UR graduating senior)
  • Ashley Diefendorf (graduate student at Emerson College)
  • Ryan Duffy (UR junior student)
  • Kelley Duggan (graduate student)
  • Beth Engiles (consultant)
  • Igor Farkas (Associate Professor in Dept of Applied Informatics, Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia)
  • Kevin Fields (graduate student at University of Richmond)
  • Kimberly Getty (graduate student at North Carolina State University)
  • James Hambrick (graduate student at Temple University)
  • Bailey Hampton (undergraduate student at University of Richmond)
  • Jon-Fan Hu (Assistant Professor at National Cheng Kung University)
  • Ursula Hunt (graduate student at Penn State University)
  • Jennifer Hurley (graduate student)
  • Megan Kuhn (Council for Resource Development, Washington DC)
  • Sara Maher (graduate student)
  • Lucia Medina (graduate student at Columbia University)
  • Allison McCarthy (UR junior student)
  • James Neary (UR junior student)
  • Erica Newmark (graduate student at UNC Allied Health Sciences)
  • Frazer Orgain (graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Abiola Osonowo (International student from South Africa)
  • Vinh Phu (UR junior student)
  • Hsuehmei Price (graduate student at Long Island University)
  • Laura Quinn (NIH)
  • Collin Raymond (English teacher in Japan)
  • Kathy Reid (graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Sara Sepanski (graduate student at Cornell University)
  • Benjamin Sullivan (graduate student at Harvard Law School)
  • Jennifer Tatro (English teacher in China)
  • Hongbing Xing (Professor of Chinese Studies at Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing, China)
  • Jianfeng Yang (Assistant Professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China)
  • Xiaoming Zhao (graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Xiaowei Zhao (Assistant Professor, Colgate University)