Omair A. Khan

Omair A. Khan Han Ou

Research Associate: Department of Psychology, Cognitive Area

607 Moore Bldg
Department of Psychology
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

E-Mail: oak3 where psu period edu

Curriculum Vitae: pdf


Having studied biochemistry, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese at a wonderful liberal arts school, my interests are naturally quite diverse. I've tried pursuing medical school and then graduate school in Chemistry, but I always felt like I was in the wrong place. Neurolinguistics is my true passion and I'm taking a year off to explore that before applying to graduate school in the field. I am interested in computational modeling, mathematics-based methods development (e.g. fMRI pulse sequence design), bilingualism, and the aesthetic nature of language in general.

Apart from academic interests, I am extremely passionate about the Legend of Zelda video game series, and am an avid collector of all LoZ things. I also play and occasionally compose for the piano in the 17th and 18th century style of counterpoint.