Language History Questionnaire

Language history questionnaire (LHQ) is an important tool for assessing language learners' linguistic background, the context and habits of language use, proficiency in multiple languages, and the dominance and cultural identity of the languages acquired. Outcomes from such assessments have often been used to predict or correlate with learners' linguistic performance in cognitive and behavioral tests. Previously we identified the most commonly asked questions in published questionnaires and proposed a generic LHQ (Li, Sepanski, & Zhao, 2006). Taking advantage of the dynamic features of web-based interfaces, we have implemented a new cloud-based LHQ, in four different modules to suit different researchers' focuses and needs (history, usage, proficiency, and dominance). The new LHQ will allow investigators to dynamically produce their own LHQ on the fly, and allow participants to complete the LHQ online through individualized URLs. The results are saved in a spreadsheet for all participants who have completed the LHQ. The investigators can view, download, sort, and delete the LHQ results on the web. Privacy issues are handled through online assignments of ID numbers for experiments and recording of data with only participant numbers. The new LHQ is estimated to save an average of 40-50 hours per experiment while eliminating coding errors from manually transcribing LHQ results.

The new online LHQ is easy to use. Simply follow the three steps below.

  • Step 1: The investigator or experimenter completes the sign-up process (click on Sign-Up below under LHQ Functions), and receives a unique Experiment ID and a unique URL associated with his or her experiment.
  • Step 2: The participant completes the LHQ online through the unique URL, and data (with only participant numbers) are automatically saved. The LHQ is self-explanatory, and there are often pull-down menus for the participant to use.
  • Step 3: The investigator or experimenter accesses the data through the unique Experiment ID (from Step 1). He or she then deletes the data so that no data are stored in the cloud after LHQ results are obtained.

If you have any questions or need further information on the questionnaire or the use of it, please contact or We welcome your feeback, comments, and suggestions.

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Please be advised that the LHQ does not currently email results to the investigator. After completing the questionnaire participants may download a copy of their answers to print or email manually.

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