Recent Collaborators

Research Interests
Farkas, Igor Language acquisition, bilingualism, semantics, modeling natural language Comenius University in Bratislava
Hernandez, Arturo Cognitive Neuroscience; Bilingual Language Processing; Second Language Acquisition; Laboratory for the Neural Bases of Bilingualism
University of Houston
Hu, Xiangen Knowledge representation and semantic space, mathematical psychology, intelligent tutoring systems
University of Memphis
MacWhinney, Brian Language acquisition as an emergent process and the processing of language Carnegie Mellon University
Malt, Barbara Cognition, language and concepts, models of categorization, comprehension and use of reference, word meaning, the relation of language to thought Lehigh University
Shirai, Yasuhiro Crosslinguistic study of the acquisition of tense-aspect morphology; cognitive models of L2 acquisition and use, particularly the connectionist model Cornell University
Shu, Hua Child cognitive development, language development Beijing Normal University
Tan, Li Hai Psycholinguistics, cognitive neuroscience of language, and human cognition; neuroimaging Hong Kong University
Chinese language computing, dynamic second language
learning of Chinese
Beijing Language and Culture University
Computational modeling, semantics, language acquisition, bilingualism Emmanuel College