Associate Professor of Finance
Finance Department
Smeal College of Business
The Pennsylvania State University

Peter Iliev

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Contact Information:

Office Phone: 814-863-5456
Mail: 348 Business Building, University Park, PA 16802

Research Interests:

  – Empirical Corporate Finance
  – Corporate Governance
  – Shareholder Voting
  – Corporate Issuance
  – Financial Regulation

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Selected Publications with Appendices:

[1]   "The Effect of SOX Section 404: Costs, Earnings Quality and Stock Prices," 2010, Journal of Finance 65 (3), 1163-1196.

Online Appendix

[2]   "Uninvited U.S. Investors? Economic Consequences of Involuntary Cross-listings," 2014, with Darius Miller, and Lukas Roth Journal of Accounting Research 52 (2), 473-519.

Online Appendix

[3]   "Shareholder Voting and Corporate Governance Around the World," 2015, with Karl Lins, Darius Miller, and Lukas Roth, Review of Financial Studies 28 (8), 2167-2202.

[4]   "Are Mutual Funds Active Voters?" 2015, with Michelle Lowry, Review of Financial Studies 28(2), 446-485.

Online Appendix

[5]   "The Effects of Removing Barriers to Equity Issuance," 2017, with Matthew Gustafson, Journal of Financial Economics 124 (3), 580-598.

Online Appendix

[6]   "The Effects of Say on Pay in the U.S." 2019, with Svetla Vitanova, Management Science 65 (10), 4505-4521.

Online Appendix

[7]   "Venturing Beyond the IPO: Financing of Newly Public Firms by Venture Capitalists" 2020, with Michelle Lowry, Journal of Finance 75 (3), 1527-1577.

Online Appendix

[8]   "Analyst Information Acquisition via EDGAR" 2020,with Brian Gibbons and Jonathan Kalodimos, Management Science forthcoming.

Online Appendix

[9]   "Governance Changes through Shareholder Initiatives: The Case of Proxy Access" 2020, with Tara Bhandari and Jonathan Kalodimos, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis forthcoming.

Online Appendix