Dr. Jan Oliver Wallgrün

GeoVISTA center, Geography Department
The Pennsylvania State University

214 Walker building

email: wallgrun[at]

About me

I am a post-doctoral research scholar at the GeoVISTA Center, Department of Geography, at Penn State University, working in the area of Geographic Information Science. My background is in Informatics and AI. I did my Ph.D. in Informatics in the  Transregional Collaborative Research Center "Spatial Cognition" (SFB/TR 8)  at the University of Bremen, Germany. After my Ph.D. I worked in the International Research Training Group IRTG SIGI on the topic of "Semantic Integration of Geospatial Information" and spend some time at the Department for Spatial Information Science and Engineering at the University of Maine.

My current research focus lies on spatial and spatio-temporal representation and reasoning, in particular on approaches that employ commonsense notions of space and techniques from the field of qualitative spatial reasoning. For instance, I am investigating methods to automatically match and integrate spatial data coming in different forms (e.g., geometric and qualitative) and from different sources. Important aspects in this work are the resolution of contradictions and the correction of the input data based on user-specified spatial integrity constraints. I am also a member of the Human Factors in GIScience Lab aiming at advancing the understanding of how humans cognize geographic space.


  • Together with colleagues Diedrich Wolter and Reinhard Moratz, I'll be holding a tutorial on "Qualitative spatial reasoning and the SparQ toolbox" at the COSIT 2013 conference. Participants will learn about qualitative calculi and reasoning techniques and get hand-on experience with solving spatial information processing problems using our toolbox SparQ. More details on the tutorial can be found here.