Setting Your Password

If you don't like the garble provided by the University for a password, you can change it. However, be careful in your selection of a new password. If one of the University's automated testing programs can guess your password, you will be blocked from accessing your account until you provide an acceptable password. Basic guidelines for success are to use 8 characters, including at least 2 non-alphabetic characters. Numbers are OK, but I like to mix in things like "+", "-", "?", or "!". Using one or more upper case letters is also a good idea. Do not use number strings involving all or part of your social security number or birthdate.

On the Hammond Lab machines, reset your password by typing "kpasswd" and entering the old password once, followed by the new one twice, as prompted. On the ECSEL, use the command "passwd", followed by the same procedure. The "passwd" command is the standard Unix method of setting passwords. However, Hammond Lab's Workstations are operating under a special disk management system (AFS) that requires "kpasswd".

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