Purpose of these exercise

These exercise are intended to aid you in understanding the FORTRAN language. It is not mandatory that you complete these exercise, but will help you by testing your knowledge of FORTRAN. The exercise are clumped together by the material that you learn every week in class and recitation. Please note, to return to this page after you have completed an exercise, click the return link at the bottom of th e last question.


Questions on:Topics Covered
Lecture 4 Simple Arithmatic Expression and the PARAMETER and DATA statements
Recitation 4The vi editor and Unix Commands
Lecture 5FORTRAN intrinsic functions and Computing speed
Lecture 6Functions and Subroutines
Lecture 7Logical Operators and Structure
Lecture 8If statements
Recitation 10Newton Iteration
Lecture 11Do Loops
Lecture 13Arrays and Array Initialization
Lecture 14Allocating Array Space
Recitation 14Data Types and derived types
Lecture 15Input and Output
Lecture 16Character Strings and Character Intrinsic Functions
Recitation 16Using the Format Statement
Lecture 19Interpolation and the External and Intrinsic Statements

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