First Homework Assignment

Survey of Your Class Schedule

(2 points)

One way to browse the Web is to activate Netscape from the Internet Access Group on a CAC, IBM compatible PC. If you choose this route, follow the instructions below for finding the necessary Web page.

You can also use a little more horse-power, by accessing Netscape from the Hammond Workstation Laboratory. The screen will probably be blank when you sit down at one of the workstations. Just hit the space bar, and wait for it to warm up from screen saver mode. At the "login:" prompt give the machine your standard CAC Access user ID, and follow with your Access password when asked. Wait for the X-Windows session to fill the screen, then position the cursor over one of the XTERM windows with the mouse and click the left button. Type the following line:

netscape &

and wait for the Netscape window to open up. Click in the long horizontal text box labeled "Location" and type the following string:

This should connect you to the home page for our class. Before going any further, select the "Bookmarks" item on the Netscape Menu bar (point and click with the left mouse button), click on the "Add" button. Next time you use Netscape, the "Bookmarks" menu will contain an item to connect to this home page.

Important: The success of this homework depends on Netscape's ability to send mail. For this to function properly you must select the "Options" menu, and within that menu, the item "Preferences." In the preferences session select the tab labeled "Mail and News" (or "Mail and Proxies" on older versions of Netscape). Fill in the box requesting your name, and the one requesting your E-mail address. My E-mail address would be "". If you aren't using some other special address, substitute your access account ID for "jhm". On the Hammond Workstations this information is filed in your personal disk space and won't have to be re-entered this semester.

Practice maneuvering through the 201 Web pages, clicking on color highlighted words to reach other information. In particular follow the "Homework" trail to complete your first homework assignment. If you are reading these instructions from Netscape, you can click on the word survey here, to reach the survey form.

When you are ready to leave the lab, you must log off of the computer. Position the mouse over the background region of the screen, and hold down the right mouse button to see a menu. Select the menu item that lets you exit from your computer session. A request for confirmation of your exit will appear, and you will have to click the mouse over a button to let the machine know that you are serious about leaving the computer. The first couple times you do this, stick around to see that your X Windows session really shuts down. Never turn off any equipment when you leave.