Homework Assignments

Please note that the total score on your homework assignments counts for one quarter of your final grade. This reflects the fact that you won't learn to program without actually doing it. As time permits, I recommend that you work through additional programming exercises provided in your book. Unless, otherwise stated, homework that must be submitted on paper is due in your recitation section on the listed date. Homework to be submitted on the computer is due by 11:59PM on the listed date.

HW1: Use of NetScape: Your schedule of classes, Due Thursday 1/16/97

    1. Instructions for the Homework
    2. Web Form for Schedule Survey

HW2: Practice with vi, Due Thursday 1/23/97

HW3: Using Assignment Statements, Due Monday 1/27/97

HW4: Using Intrinsic Functions, Due Thursday 1/30/97

HW5: Write Your Own Function, Due Tuesday 2/4/97

HW6: A Use of IF Structures, Due Tuesday 2/11/97

HW7: Using the SELECT CASE Structure, Due Thursday, 2/13/97

HW8: Newton Iteration, Due Thursday, 2/27/97

HW9: Simple Data Processing, Due Friday 3/7/97

HW10: More Data Processing, Due Friday 3/21/97

HW11: Interpolation, Due Monday 3/31/97

HW12: LU Decomposition, Due Wednesday 4/9/97

HW13: Least Squares Fit, Due Monday 4/14/97

EC1: Sorting and Character Variables, Due Tuesday 4/22/97

HW14: Secant Method, Due Tuesday 4/22/97

EC2: Data Output, Due Friday 4/25/97

HW15: Solving Differential Equations, Due Tuesday 4/29/97

EC3: Double Precision, Due Friday 5/2/97

There will be no direct penalty for late submission of the first 2 homeworks. If you haven't done either the initial Web survey, or the vi homework, finish it and ask your TA to pick up your results. Other homework will lose 10% for each day late and drop to zero credit when answers are posted. You are responsible for telling your TA when submitting late homework. We do not automatically search for homework after the due date.

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