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These notes reflect the course as it was taught in the Spring of 1997

This class was intended for students with little or no programming experience and no experience in application of computational methods to the solution of engineering problems.  If you have significant programming experience in any language and want to become proficient in Fortran, I recommend that you obtain a Fortran Language Reference Manual (free copies are available on the internet from vendors like Intel and Lahey), and work through homework exercises from another one of my classes.

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This is a reasonably complete description of Fortran 90.  However, since this course was taught, most compilers have come up to the Fortran 95 standard and are well into the 2003 standard.  Take a look at your compiler's documentation for a description improvements.  Things I've found useful are the FORALL statement, extensions to WHERE,  use of NULL in POINTER type statements, and the longer set of intrinsic functions.

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