Ode to Investment Rax is a wealthy intergalactic venture capitalist heading an investment team trying to buy the planet Earth. They plan to sell off all of the natural resources and turn the remaining shell of a planet into a mall.

For Xanthar Xanthar is a leading intergalactic socialist. He recently asked me to visit Forestworld, one of his favorite planets. The people were deciding which corporation to invite in to run their planet. By reading a poem to their assembly I was able to convince them to remain free.

The Magic Door I visited a metaphysical planet last year and managed to sneak through the portal to universal wisdom.

Schools Teach Stupidity Do you think school teaches stupidity? Here is a poem written by one of Rax's investors. He wants schools to teach stupidity and this poem explains why.

The Expert of Experts A live news report I saw (sponsored by a station owned by Rax) included a bunch of "experts" to say how dangerous I am. The report turned out differently than Rax intended.

Hot Rod Race I happened to see a tragic accident during a flying hot rod race...

The Poet of Freedom Xanthar is very good friends with the poet of freedom.

The Historian of Earth A poem by a specialist in Earth history lamenting the loss of historical awareness among Earthlings. He is a full Professor at the Institute for the Study of Primitive Planets and has a reputation as being one of the most informed Earth historians of all time.

The Valentine's Collection Earth customs and culture are widely imitated in outer space. Among the more popular "Earth culture re-enactments" is Valentine's Day. It is celebrated throughout the many inhabited galaxies and dimensions. Here is a selection of alien love poetry from a few of these other planets and dimensions. (Warning: some of this love poetry is dark and unflattering to Earth.)

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