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Arigato gozaimasu! I am Gerry Santoro (aka. Gerald Morse Santoro). I used to live near Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania, on the north side of Tussey Mountain. Now Suzi and I live in Englewood, Florida.

I am married to Suzanne Marie Santoro. I have two sons, Gerald and Travis, and two daughters, Brandi and Kelsey. Suzanne, and I live with our 90-lb German Shepard puppy Thor, and a grey cat (Socks). I am very much happily married and very much a family guy. I also have three grandkids, grandson Logan and granddaughter Alice, by daughter Brandi and her husband Joe. Also Granddaughter Zareen, by son Travis and his wife Heddy. Two more grandkids on the way! :-)

I am originally from the town of Blawnox located on the North Side of Pittsburgh.

I am a Retired Emeritus Professor in Penn State's College of Information Sciences and Technology, and in Penn State's Department of Communication Arts and Sciences

Here is a copy of my not-yet-ready-for-prime-time professional vita.

For my last 4 years at Penn State I coordiinated the Security and Risk Management major in IST. My main focus was on cybersecurity. After retirement I realized how much I loved teaching, and now am a part-time Adjunct faculty member at State College of Florida - Sarasota/Manatee. My courses include digital forensics, ethical hacking and current issues in cybersecurity.

I have developed a number of courses for Penn State including Information Systems in the Liberal Arts (LA 283/483), Information-People-Technology (IST-110), New Media and the Web (IST-250), Emerging Technology and Popular Culture (IST-130), Content-Driven Web Sites (IST-402), Introduction to Security and Risk Analysys (SRA-111), Computer Forensics (IST-454), Network Security (IST-451), Risk Analysis and Management (SRA-311), Cyber-warfare (SRA-470), Security and Risk Management (IST-456), and the IST capstone class (IST-440W).

I was also the Director of Academic Affairs for IST programs at campuses other than University Park.

My research interests include Computer-Mediated Communication, Telepresence, Social Informatics - especially Technology Policy, Technology Use/Misuse, Future Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Crime, Cyber-Warfare, Network Security, Security Management, and the relationship between popular culture and technology. I was one of the lead faculty in IST's Virtual Worlds initiative in the cyberspace of Second Life (Tarkus Octagon). I once developed a home computer lab with a home 'cave' and 13 nodes, and am interested in intelligent environments and virtual worlds.

I am past chairperson of the Human Information Technologies interest group of the Eastern Communication Association. I am also a dedicated advocate of freedom of information and communication on the Internet, and for that matter everywhere else. I am a strong advocate of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary academic approaches.

I was the faculty advisor for the Security and Risk Analysis Club, the 2600 Club, the Computer Network Club, and the Penn State Aikido Club. I was advisor to the IST Interest House. I was also an active member of the IST Diversity Network and a participant/member for events sponsored by Students Organizing the Multiple Arts. I was IST Faculty Member of the Year for 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and won the George McMurtry Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2009. I also won a number of other awards. But frankly the ones that mean most to me came from the students.

My email address is

I am also an avid amateur astronomer and I love playing guitar - mostly classic rock and soft rock but also some folk. I am a dedicated biker - riding a 2002 Harley-Davidson Heratige Softail Classic or a 2013 Spyder RTS. I am a past web master for the Center County ABATE of PA chapter Centre Line Riders.

Many videos of my motorcycle trips and of me playing guitar may be found on my Youtube site. I operate Dog-Star Observatory, an amateur observatory that has been collecting data (in various incarnations) since 1967. I now observe from my home in Florida, which Here is my current

In a future life I plan to come back as a Klingon. Klingons don't test code - they EXECUTE it! (:-)

May your life be filled with happiness!

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