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  Wenpin Tsai is Professor of Business Administration in
  the Smeal College of Business at the Pennsylvania State
  University. He holds degrees from National Taiwan
  University (BBA), George Washington University (MBA),
  and London Business School (PhD). His current research
  interests include social capital, knowledge transfer,
  network evolution, and cooperative and competitive
  interactions inside and across organizations.
  His work has appeared in Academy of Management
  Journal, Academy of Management Review, Strategic
  Management Journal, Organization Science and
  Organization Behavior and Human Decision Processes.
  He has also published a book on social networks and
  organizations (co-author Martin Kilduff).
Wenpin is currently on or has served on the editorial  
boards of Academy of Management Journal,  
Academy of Management Review, and Strategic  
Management Journal. His contributions to the  
profession have also been recognized through several  
outstanding reviewer awards. In addition, he has  
been appointed as a Special Issue Editor (2004),  
member of advisory committee (2004-2007), and  
Associate Editor (2008-2010) of Academy of         
Management Journal.    
   Penn State University
Smeal College of Buisness
Management and Organization Department