Ad Jingles

Dr. Pepper (soft drink) / Most Original Soft Drink Ever [with Randy Newman]

Almond Joy (candy) / With Almond Joy, you can share half and still have a whole

Amtrak (trains) / America's Getting Into Training (1981)

Dr. Pepper / I'm A Pepper (1977)

Aren't You Hungry for Burger King Now? (1981)

U.S. Army / Be All That You Can Be

Charmin (toilet tissue) / With Charmin Ultra Less Is More (2004)

Giant Eagle (grocery)

Gillette (razor blades) / The Best A Man Can Get

Met Life (insurance) / Come To Metropolitan and Simplify Your Life

Sure (deodorant) / Raise Your Hand if You're Sure

Chevrolet (automobile)

Skippy (peanut butter) / Skippy Dippin'

Legos (toy) / Zach the Legomaniac

Lipton (tea ) / Look at all those little old ladies drinkin' Lipton tea (1987)


Jake Holmes has worked for some of the top advertising agencies to craft memorable tunes. In a 1 December 1999 interview with composer Irwin Fisch for Mix; Professional Audio and Music Production, interviewer Gary Eskow noted that jingle house Three Tree's principals "include legendary New York jingle writer/singer Jake Holmes." [, accessed 16 January 2005)]

The 1994 Patron of the Arts Award inductee to the Songwriters Hall of Fame, Philip Dusenberry, noted that "the musical material at BBDO is turned out by a team of first class songwriters including...Jake Holmes...." [, accessed 16 January 2005)]

Interview with Jake Holmes

"Jingle Land: Be All that You Can Be," by Jon Young. Musician no. 137 (March 1990): pp. 66, 97.