Fall 2004

Instructor: Prasenjit Mitra



Course Description

The Course: This is an advanced undergraduate course to teach the emerging topics in database systems.  This is one of the three IST courses in the database track (the other two being: 210 - Organization of Data, 402 - Database Applications). This course is especially designed to be an technology course geared for junior/senior students of IST with emphasis on advanced concepts and algorithms in database systems, topics that are state-of-the-art research, or recent seminal contributions in the broad field of database and information systems.

Student Presentations: The course will be run using a seminar/discussion style.  Once in the semester, each student will have to present a topic for 20 minutes. For each class, two or more papers are assigned.  In each class, two students will present on a emerging topic (each) covered by one of the papers.  The student must get his or her presentation ratified by the instructor at least one week in advance of his/her presentation to ensure that the class presentations are of an acceptable standard (except presenters in the first 3 classes).

Paper Discussions & Problems: Following each presentation there will be a discussion for 15 minutes and students will be given a small problem or short questions to answer.  Students will be evaluated on their participation in class discussions and on their answers to the problems/questions.

Quiz: A short 5 minute quiz on any of the topics covered in the last 8 classes will be administered in class from time to time.

Semester-Long Project: Students will be given a set of topics to choose from for their project.  Students can also suggest their own project topics and if the instructor is satisfied that the project deals with an "emerging topic" as opposed to an "established technology" and permits the project, the students can work on their suggested topics.  The project will be evaluated as a team project but each student must note their individual contributions and the contributions must be appropriate for a semester-long project.

Course Prerequisites
IST 210

Class Goals and Objectives

Course Goals & Objectives

The goal is for each student in the class to have a lucid understanding of the emerging topics in database systems and related technologies as well as to have some hands-on experience with implementing a database application.

Instructor Contact Information

Instructor: Prasenjit Mitra
Office: 814 865 4454
Home: 814 861 2459
AIM: prasen9
Personal URL:


Office Location
313F IST Building
University Park, PA 16801


Teaching Assistant: Padmapriya Ayyagari
Office: 814 865 8950
Home: 814 237 3774


Office Location
313D IST Building
University Park, PA 16801

Class Meeting Times and Office Hours

Class Meeting Times                                                                              TR 1:00-2:15 PM

Instructor Office Hours TR 3:00-4:00 PM 

Teaching Assistant Office Hours M 11:30 AM -12:30 PM, W 11:30 AM 12:30 PM, F 2:30-3:30 PM

Class Schedule