Current Students:


  Role: Advisor

    Post-doctoral Scholar: Cornelia Caragea
Ph.D.:  Xiao Zhang                ( CSE)

               Saurabh Singh Kataria ( IST)

               Sujatha Das Golapalli  ( CSE ) (with C. Lee Giles)

               Anuj R. Jaiswal           ( IST) (with David Miller)

               Sumit Bhatia               ( CSE )

               Shibamouli Lahiri        ( CSE )

               Dayu Yuan                 ( CSE ) (with CLG)

                Prakhar Biyani            ( IST )

                Suppawong Tuarob     ( CSE ) (with CLG)


   (On Leaves of Absence)      

              Chi-Chun Pan             ( IE)

              Lei Zhu                      ( IST ) (with Burt Monroe)


Graduated Students:



      Post-doctoral Fellow:

           2007 Qiankun Zhao,                   Telefonica I+D (via AOL Research).

            2008-2010 Qi He,                        IBM Almaden Research Lab

      Ph.D. Students:

            2005 Sandip Debnath,              (CSE), (co-advised with Dr. C. Lee Giles), Automatic Text-based Explanation of Events, Microsoft Corporation.

            2008 Bingjun Sun,                    (CSE), (co-advised with Dr. C. Lee Giles), Mining, Indexing, and Search Approaches to Entity and Graph Information Retrieval for ChemoInformatics, EBay (via Yahoo! Research, TeleNav).

            2008 Qingzhao Tan,                 (CSE), (co-advised with Dr. C. Lee Giles), Designing New Crawling and Indexing Techniques for Web Search Engines, Microsoft Corporation.

2009 Ziming Zhang,                  (IST) (with CLG), Mining Feedback in Ranking and Recommendation Systems, Tencent, Inc. (via Yahoo! Labs).

            2009 Ying Liu,                         (IST) (with CLG), TableSeer: Automatic Table Extraction, Search, and Understanding, KAIST.

      M.S. Students:

            2005 Vikram Kalsi,                  (EE), Intel Corporation.

            2006 Padmapriya S. Ayyagari, (IST), Bloomberg.

            2006 Anuj R. Jaiswal,              (IST), Ph.D. student at Penn State University.

            2008 Ziming Zhuang,                (IST), Improving Relevance Ranking for Underspecified Queries, Ph.D., Penn State University.

            2010 Lei Zhu                            (IST), Ph.D. student at Penn State University.


    Advisory Committee Member:


      Ph.D. Student:

             2006 Isaac G. Councill,           (IST), Automatic Acknowledgement Indexing and Citation Analysis.

             2008 Jisheng Wang,                (EE), Packet Inspection for Application Classification and Intrusion Detection.

             2008 Lunquan Li,                    (IST), Enterprise Worm: Simulation, Detection, and Optimal Containment.

             2008 Changsoo Ok,                (IE), Distributed Energy-Balanced Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks.

             2008 Yang Sun,                      (IST), A Comprehensive Study of the Regulation and Behavior of Web Crawlers.

             2009 Youngjae Kim,               (CSE), Design Challenges in Enterprise-Scale Storage Systems Employing Hard Drives and NAND Flash-based Solid-State Drives.

             2010 Jian Huang,                     (IST).

             2010 Ritesh J. Agarwal,           (Geography).

      M.S. Student:

             2004 Yves Petinot,                  (CSE), A Web-Services Architecture for CiteSeer.

             2009 Jian Huang,                     (IST), A Multiclass Boosting Classification Method With Active Learning.

      M.E. Student

             2008 Denise Nemenz,              (CSE).