Metal letters


On Sunday, October 1, the last day of the 2006 AtypI conference in Lisbon, Phil Baines and Catherine Dixon guided a tour of lettering and signs in central Lisbon.

The purpose of the walk was to visit some of the signs recorded in the 1970s by Nicolete Gray, to see what remained and what was new and experience the variety of forms and techniques.

We started at the Rua Capelo, on to Rua Garrett, down Rua do Carmo to Rossio, then over to Rua das Portas de Santo Antão. We then crossed the Praça dos Restauradores and climbed a steep hill to the Bairro Alto where the tour ended with a view of the Targus.

I took the photographs in this site on that walk with a Canon S50 and then edited them in Photoshop.

Jerrold Maddox