I have published extensively in magazines and newspapers, including both major articles as well as shorter opinion and op-ed pieces. Some examples of this writing include:


The Serbs Are Not the Bad Guys, Philadelphia Inquirer, June 14, 1995


Anniversary of Terror, Los Angeles Daily News April 14, 1996.


Sex and the Church, Tidings (Los Angeles), May 3, 1996, 21.


When The Wolf Finally Comes, Tidings, June 14, 1996, 26.


Filling in the Bible’s Blanks, Tidings (Los Angeles), July 11, 1997, 22.


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Stranger Than Fiction, in, July 2001, online at


Bringing the Loathsome to Light, Chronicle of Higher Education, March 1, 2002: B16.


What About Saddam? State College magazine, November 2001, 24-27.


The Myth of the Pedophile Priest, Pittsburgh Post Gazette March 3, 2002, online at 

*Reprinted: This article was widely reprinted in dozens of newspapers and other publications across the US.


The Catholic Church's Culture Clash, Wall Street Journal, March 26, 2002.

*Reprinted: This article was reprinted in Society, 40(3)(2003): 8-9.


A New Christendom, Chronicle of Higher Education, March 29, 2002: B7-10, online at


Celibacy For Beginners, Washington Post, March 31, 2002, B3.


Growing the Flock, Boston Globe, June 23, 2002, E1.


A New Religious America, First Things, August-September 2002: 25-28.

*Reprinted: This article was reprinted in John Wilson, ed., The Best Christian Writing 2004 (Jossey-Bass, 2003), 61-69.


The Next Christianity, Atlantic Monthly, October 2002: 53-68, at and see also

*This article was nominated for a National Magazine Award.

It has also been widely excerpted and summarized in various magazines in North America and Europe. See for example:

Occidente Attento! Arriva La Nuova Cristianita, Sette (supplement to Corriere Della Sera, Milan) October 24, 2002: 108-12;

Die Zweite Reformation, in Rheinischer Merkur, March 6, 2003.

 Das Christentum Wird im 21 Jahrhundert Die Welt Prägen, Chrismon, August 2003: 36-37.

Das Nächste Christentum, Reformierte Presse (Zürich) August 2003: 7-9.

Die Gegenreformation Hat Längst Begonnen, Der Überblick, September 2003: 80-84.


The New Iron Curtain, American Outlook, Fall 2002: 25-30.


Nigeria as a Global Trouble Spot, Globalist, December 2002, at 


The Next Christendom Fredericksburg Freelance Star, December 29, 2002.


Behind a Municipal Resolution Supporting Civil Liberties, Centre Daily Times, January 18, 2003..


Cut Child Porn Link to Abusers, Guardian (London) January 23, 2003.


Striking First, Centre Daily Times, March 15, 2003.


Some Prejudices Are More Equal Than Others, Catalyst, May 2003: 8-9.


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Delikate Warnungen: Papst und Kirche aus Sicht des Südens, Süddeutsche Zeitung, April 5, 2005.

*This article was reprinted in the Tages-Anzeiger (Zürich), as Das Herz der Kirche Schlägt im Süden (April 8).


Be Separate From Them, Wall Street Journal, Sept. 16, 2005.


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Believing in the Global South, First Things, December 2006: 12-18:


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Who is Harry Sylvester? First Things, March 2007: 17-21.


Europe’s Christian Comeback, Foreign Policy, June 2007, online at

This article also appeared in Dutch translation, in Reformatorisch Dagblad, June 22, 2007, at


Looking for a Few Good Muslims, July 2007, at; also appeared on Huffingtonpost, at


America's Cult Culture, in Mysteries of History: Secret Societies, US News and World Report Collector's Edition (2007), 60-63. (Adapted from my book Mystics and Messiahs).


Dialogue with Miranda Hassett on The Anglican Communion in Crisis: OUP blog, at and


PBS and Historical Objectivity, New Republic blog, August 2007


Neuer Wein in alten Bräuchen: Die erstaunlich religiöse Zukunft Europas, Süddeutsche Zeitung, October 1, 2007.


Economics as Eugenics, First Things, October 2007: 13-15.


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*This article was reprinted in other newspapers, including the Houston Chronicle, March 23, 2008.


Wie der Westen die Muslime islamisiert, Welt am Sonntag, May 24, 2008.


Long-Lost Christians, Christian Century, November 4, 2008: 22-26

(excerpted from my book The Lost History of Christianity).


Is Europe Trying to Build a Fundamentalist Islam? website, November 2008.


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Back to Jerusalem,, February 12, 2009


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*This article was reprinted in the Iran Times International, May 1, 2009.


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How We Became Obsessed With Cults, Wall Street Journal, September 7, 2012


The Two Marys, News and Pews, December 2012


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Nord Africa e Mezzaluna: Demografia in Crisi, Vita e Pensiero (Milan), May-June 2013: 45-48


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 Trying to Teach Globally, Baptist Standard, November 11, 2013


Holy War in the Crimea, Christianity Today, March 2014, at

Reprinted as “Kvestie de Krim Heeft Diepe Religieuze Wortels,” in Nederlands Dagblad, March 20, 2014


Of Faith and Film, Baptist Standard March 28, 2014


Was the Great War a Holy War? On Faith, April 2014


The Last Crusade: The First World War and the Birth of Modern Islam, ABC Religion and Ethics, June 2014


The Fall of Mosul,, June 2014

This piece appeared in Spanish, as Lo que hay detrás de la caída de Mosul

It also appeared in Romanian as Cucerirea orașului Mosul.


ISIS Could Regret Caliphate, USA Today, July 6, 2014


Why the Caliphate Will Devour Its Children, Daily Beast, July 11, 2014


Leaving Nineveh, Christian Century August 5, 2014: 10-11


Priest Under Threat, (film review) Christian Century, September 4, 2014


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Cultural Genocide, Lifezette, July 2015


The Forgotten History of Mary’s Gospels, October 2015


Dead Temples vs. Living Churches,, November 2015


The Secret Gospels that Have Been Hiding in Plain Sight, History News Network, November 2015


A Most Violent Year: The World into which Jesus was Born, ABC Religion and Ethics, December 2015


Shadow of a Saint, Christian Century, May 25, 2016: 32-34


Back to Hiroshima: Why Dropping the Bomb Saved Ten Million Lives, ABC Religion and Ethics, May 2016


African Faith is Going Global, Trend, Summer 2016: 26-33


Catholicism’s Incredible Growth Story, Catholic Herald, September 9, 2016


When God is Silent, Christian Century, March 1, 2017: 44-45


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The Catholic World Is About To Be Turned Upside Down, Catholic Herald, November 3, 2017


The Next Battle Over Monuments? It Will Be Those for the Founding Fathers, History News Network, November 2017


Why What’s Happening in the Middle East Today Seems So Familiar to This Historian, HNN Network, November 2017


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How High Is Your Constitutional IQ? Spectator, January 2019


Fertility, Faith, and a Secular America? Gospel Coalition, October 2019


Food, Drink And Urban Revolutions, MIHE Blog, October 2019


Witch Ways, First Things, December 2019


How the Gender Wars of the Early 1990s Shaped the World We Know, History News Network, December 2019


10 Trends of the 2010s, Christian Century January 29, 2020: 20-23




Since 2008, I have published a monthly column in the Christian Century under the general title Notes from the Global Church


I have also written regularly for a number of other outlets, including Chronicles magazine, American Conservative,, Books and Culture, and RealClearReligion.


I blog at the Anxious Bench ( and my postings are listed here. I also contributed to the Texas Faith Blog.